2019 Year in Review: Where We've Been

And we're about to say goodbye to 2019. What a year it has been!

Our year started off mundane. When June hit, boom, we've been taking road trips here and there! I can't say this enough, we're extremely thankful for the opportunity given to us. 

Although I hate to admit the cold did bother me, overall it's been a good year. Here I'll be doing a review of where we've been in the year 2019. 

So grab a cup of warm drinks, sit comfortably, and scroll down. It'll be having a long chat. ;)

Places to See in North America


We kicked off our first road trip of the year to the San Antonio Zoo. When our 2-year-old started to show interest in animals, we decided it best to bring him to the zoo to see them live. 

The hubby and I didn't have this privilege growing up but now that we can afford to go, it's no question why we'd lavish our only son.


Come June, we did the longest road trip of our lives from Austin, TX to Atlanta, Georgia and back. We were on the road for 16++ hours. Imagine that! Wonder how we kept our 2-year old entertained? Read here.

In Georgia, we visited the Largest Aquarium in the world. I've always wanted to see a whale shark, although there's a place in my hometown where you can swim with them, I simply couldn't gather up the courage to do so because I suck at swimming. lol.

The hubby and I were so happy to have attended the Passion City Church. And what good timing! That Sunday Ravi Zacharias came to do a live conversation with Pastor Louie Giglio. It was unreal!

Actually, the reason why we wandered around Georgia is because of a conference the hubby attended. Me and our 2-year-old simply tagged along. I didn't regret doing so, Peach Tree City is beautiful. It's our dream place. :D


One month before our relocation to Ottawa, Canada, we find ourselves driving to Houston twice, to take care of important documents at the Philippine Embassy. We like going to Houston because a Jollibee branch is there, it's a Filipino fast-food restaurant children who grew up in the Philippines love. 

Here's where we stayed for the night.


Where do I begin? If you've been following our journey this year, you'll know we've been all around the east side of Canada.

August of this year we relocated to Ottawa, Ontario. Here's our first 24-hour experience in the city. Gosh, this is taking too long. Are you still with me? Anyway, I'll try to summarize everything the best I could. See the list below.

Whew, how many hours of road trips have we got this year? Nah, it's useless to count. What matters are the beautiful memories we'll never stop remembering for the rest of our lives. See, I've made sure to document them here.

What memories have you collected this year? Where have you been and which one is the most memorable? Me? It'll be crossing off two items in my bucket list: visiting the Niagara Falls and Whale Watching, spending our very first White Christmas and an opportunity to live in Canada. Now, your turn!


Friend, I'm grateful for your friendship. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us! Have a Wonderful New Year to you and your family! I can't wait for the next adventure awaiting us for the year 2020. 

In my next post, I'll be sharing 3 of the most significant life lessons I've learned for the year 2019. Check it here! You have an awesome day then! Talk to you soon. ;)