Things To Do/Places to See in Montreal in A Day

This is silly! I kept asking the hubby, "Should we make the trip to Montreal or not?" He would then parrot my question back at me just like clockwork. I'd roll my eyes. Gosh, stop waffling!

One of us should make a decision! Here's the thing, we've changed hotels the weekend before and I plan to relax the next, hence the indecisiveness. But we are about to return the car rental soon and so...

Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We took the trip! By now, we're quite used to last-minute travel preparations. Haha. I'd say, it's a handy skill with a 2-year-old in tow. Believe me, I use to be all over the place. Not that I'm super organized. As long as we have the essentials, we're good to go.

If we happen to forget something, we could always buy it at the supermarket/store wherever we may be. This lifestyle, I like it! If money isn't an issue, we'd definitely live in a city we've never been to for at least a month.

What would you do if money isn't an issue? Ah, it's nice to dream. Okay, time to snap out of it! Anyway, here's the list of Things To Do/Places to See in Montreal in a Day. Scroll down.

Places to See in Montreal

Montreal is a 2-hour drive from Ottawa. (That's near!) During our visit, we focused on the city's major tourist areas. Here they are:
  • Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal
  • Old Montreal Downtown
  • Old Port Montreal
  • Mount Royal
  • The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Biosphere Environmental Museum
  • Jean-Talon Market
  • Montreal Botanical Garden
  • St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Montreal Insectarium

The first three spots on the list above are located in the same area. That's where we spent our day. There's no need to get on the wheels to get to another place and bother yourselves with parking again. If you're visiting for a day, I'd suggest the first three. Add more if time permits.

Speaking of Parking

This one is a challenge. After searching for a spot (this took us a while by the way),  we manage to find an open space parking 2 blocks away from the Notre Dame Basilica. Thankfully, it didn't rain when we came. We paid $18++ CAD.

Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Photos above show the interior of Notre Dame Basilica and its surrounding edifices.

A Tip on Where to Eat

After relishing the magnificence of the Basilica's interior (more here), we headed to Old Downtown for lunch. Remember, this is a touristy area, you'd normally end up paying more for everything. Make sure to read reviews online before making a choice. Oh, and don't forget to check out the picturesque alleys on the way there.

Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

As you can see, our little guy isn't thrilled in front of the camera. He only wants to run around and do his thing. What did I expect, he's a toddler! By the way, here's a glimpse of Old Montreal Downtown through our eyes.

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Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Montreal are summer & fall. There are lots of fun things to do like zipline, kayak, boat rides, food trucks; the boutiques are open at the Old Port during this time too.

We wrap up our day trip to Montreal with a Ferris Wheel ride at the Old Port. Love the stunning 360-degree view of the city. I'd totally recommend doing this. It's fun for kids!

Things To Do in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Another Interesting Place to Check Out

And so our trip ends. Montreal is beautiful. It's a modern city with an old-world flair. I'd also recommend checking out the Victorian row houses downtown. It's charming. Here's how it looks like. Have you seen it? Those stairs got my attention. They look inviting! (Forcing your way in is illegal!)


There you go, friend. I hope our experience visiting Montreal gave you an idea of what to expect when you come. You have fun then! Talk to you soon.

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