Holiday Gift Guide: Cute Stud Earrings from Canvas Avenue

Whenever the 'ber' months roll in, I'm reminded that Christmas is coming pretty soon. Oh, before that we still have Halloween & Thanksgiving. Gosh, it's time to save up cash! 

Around this time, back in the Philippines (my hometown), Christmas songs are playing in the backdrop at the malls and Christmas decorations are put up in some homes. Ah, my childhood! 

Yup, I agree, It's quite early to party -- let's just say we have a super looooong Christmas celebration back there. But, you see, it' never too early to prepare.

Holiday Gift Guide

In relation to that, let's talk about this Gift Guide I've compiled for the upcoming holiday season. 

Aren't these stud earrings cute? I found them from Canvas Avenue.

These cute stud earrings are handmade. Yes, you got that right, they are handmade. All are individually unique! These are laser cut from sustainable timber plywood and hand-painted in the studio.

If you like all things cute but have sensitive ears, don't worry, because they also feature 925 silver as backing posts.

Below are my top picks:

Holiday Gift Guide: Cute Stud Earrings from Canvas Avenue
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Cute Stud Earrings Designs

If I could pick one gift item, I'd like to receive, from the list, it would be the popsicle design. This one looks dainty with a sundress. (Nevermind that it's cold up here north in Canada right now. Haha. Next summer then, next summer.)

Anyhow, I'd envision gifting this to a friend/someone who is outgoing, friendly and bubbly. She is fun to be around. She's someone I'd definitely like to spend my day with shopping and talking about life in general with lots and lots of laughter in between.

This stud earring is a perfect gift to a friend or someone who is shy and delicate. She likes dresses, girly stuff, and everything cute. She is someone who I can talk to about beauty, fashion, makeup and everything 'kikay' (someone who is put together or loves to dress up).

This one is an excellent gift for that intellectual friend/someone. She is smart. She is devoted to developing her character and personal growth. I admire her wits and wisdom. And I could rely on her whenever I have imposing questions about life.

This stud earring is for the type of friend or someone who is bold, bright and sociable. She oozes with grace and confidence it's contagious! She makes sure you're never left out on your own when in a crowd. There's never a dull moment when she's around.

This one is great gift idea for that friend or someone who is passionate and devoted. Everything she does is an expression of herself. She has the drive and loves what she does. She's an inspiration to you and everyone who crosses her path.

If you're still indecisive after all that reading, why not choose the heart stud earring? It is simple, yet an eye-catching design nonetheless. It is a statement piece on any outfit!


I hope this Holiday Gift Guide gave you an inkling of what to give to that special friend or someone this forthcoming holiday season.

By the way, If you're looking for Halloween specific stud earring designs, you might fancy checking this or this.

So what's your pick from the list and why? Let me know your choice/s too in the comment section below. I love reading them. Talk to you soon then. ;)