About Me

Hi! I'm Gladys Jane. I authored, 'A Glad Diary' blog. I was born on the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines. I met my husband, Gideon, during my first job back in Cebu. It wasn't anything romantic, though, as I was attached to someone else at that time, as also with him.

Living Abroad

I move to Singapore on the 3rd year of my career and live/work there for 3 years. Our previous relationships obviously failed. To cut the story short, I got married to an amazing man who truly complements me in Gideon.

Two years after our marriage, his company relocated us to Austin, TX. We now live in the US and are starting our little family soon. I'm excited! :D

Blog Beginnings

Every blog has its own history. My beginning was the year 2010. I've used my blog as an outlet where I could speak my mind because I'm a bit introverted.

Blogging kind of helped me let those thoughts out. I'm not really into reading, so my vocabulary was very limited when I started out. Because of that, I've gone through a whole lot of fault finding attacks which led me to stop.

But my husband, Gideon, encouraged me to write once again. He's been a great influencer and motivator, who truly believes in my potential. A tremendous blessing to my life indeed!

On Criticism

You see, the world will never run out of mean people, but it doesn't mean that they are bad or evil people. We all go through difficult times in our lives, but it's the choices and the decisions we make that molds us to who we become.

I completely understand why people do what they do, but 'NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING' unless you've made that decision for yourself. We are so good at playing the blame game that we neglect to take responsibility for our own actions.

Difficult people will always be there, but it's how you handle the situation that makes you strong. Either you choose to throw stones, and be like them, or turn it for the good.

On Faith

I'm a Bible believing, devil chasing, mountain moving believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ. I couldn't imagine what life could have been if my Lord Jesus hadn't stepped in during those dark episodes of my life.

My ex-fiancee of 6 years broke up with me. At the same time, I got laid off from my job in Singapore. I had no choice but to go back home to the Philippines.

I lost it all at once. I lost the future, I was trying so hard to build. Only to realize that I've only built it on loose sand, loose foundation. But, the story didn't end there.

"Instead of your shame you shall have double honor, 
And instead of confusion, they shall rejoice in their portion. 
Therefore, in their land they shall possess double; 
Everlasting joy shall be theirs." 
- Isaiah 61:7

My Lord, Jesus Christ is ever faithful. The dry bones came alive once again. Though I fall 7 times, He is always there to pick me up so I could rise up all over again.

To cut the story short, God restored to me a new job, which also happens to be in Singapore so I had to fly back. I had this job up until now, even after moving to the US. And He blessed me with a man after His own heart.

It's exciting when His leading my paths.

Back to the Blog

I've previously named my blog, 'Au Courant Princess'. I did a lot of changes over the years and just recently, I've renamed it to 'A Glad Diary' because I believe I've already outgrown the previous name.

If you happen to browse through my old blog posts, you'll notice bland photos. Not saying that it is perfect right now but it's so much better.

We grow as we learn, that's part of being human. In the process, I've learned to use a DSLR camera and use post-processing software applications.

The Goal

My goal for this blog is to share my own experiences be it home & designtravel, beauty product reviews, petite fashion or just life simply. Hoping that you, my friends, would pick up something valuable. I do wish that you find something interesting.

Do leave me comments too. I love reading them. :D