Product Review: The Veet Hair Removal Cream

Why write another review of the Veet Hair Removal Cream when I've done it before? See here. Our views change and I haven't used it since then. That's right. I haven't used this cream for 8 long years. 

I don't think I have the time and opportunity to use it back in Singapore. The fast-paced lifestyle wouldn't allow me to slow down.  Also, it's not uncommon for foreign professionals to share an HBD flat.

Given the process of using this cream, it's shameless to raise my arms for 5 minutes straight while my roommate is around. Or what if she comes home while I'm still in the middle of doing it? Haha.

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And then, we move to the US. I totally forgot about it. I shave, followed by a tweezer. Obviously, not everybody has got the patience of pulling out unwanted hairs one by one.

Do you have unwanted hair problems? What do you do?

Yes, I got tired of doing it for years and years too. Honestly, I don't do this often. I don't wear tanks and sleeveless anyway. I'm conscious about my weight gain too.

Finally, saved up and bought an IPL Hair Removal device last Christmas. (Check out my unboxing post here). The price is reasonable and it's got 10k reviews on Amazon. It's still due to arrive so watch out for my review.

veet hair removal cream review

What I Thought

I got myself the sensitive tube. I don't have sensitive skin but since my first time again, it's the better option to test how my skin reacts.

The application can get messy if you're not careful. Do this before taking a shower. I followed the instructions at the back of the product and applied it to my underarms and the bikini area.

Thankfully, waiting between 5-10 minutes is no longer an issue compared to 8 years ago. With access to entertainment at our fingertips, time passes like a breeze.

When the time is up, I step inside the shower and use a pouf to remove the unwanted hairs. It's crazy satisfying to see them eliminated.

Clean your pouf thoroughly after use. The unwanted hairs together with the cream's residue will cling to the netted spaces of the bath sponge, like a fish caught in the fisherman's net.

As for the end result. It doesn't thoroughly remove all the unwanted hairs. I still have to shave or tweeze the tiny shafts that refuse to budge. But it does feel smooth and moisturized.

Although it is discouraged to use any other products 24-hours after use -- like antiperspirants, tanning products, etc -- I still do. I feel confident because I use a mineral deodorant (this). It doesn't leave this creamy residue on my skin. And I'm fine with it.

I don't recommend you follow what I did. Test your skin first and see how it reacts. You might also like to check out the review I did on using mineral deodorants. Read it here

For the price. It's reasonable for a 200ml tube. I've used it a couple of times since and it still looks like I haven't squeeze anything out of it.

veet hair removal cream review

Will I recommend it?

Yes, I like it better than a shave. It's doesn't give me ingrown hairs and razor burns. It's also much better compared to the time-consuming process of tweezing.

But of course, if you can afford the IPL laser device at home or professional services, the better.

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