It's the New Year -- Time to Update Your Makeup Stash

Seriously, who still applies makeup in Covid-19 era? Ehem, I do on special occasions. And obviously, many others too. Social Media is proof.

How about you? Do you apply makeup when you go out and about these days like grocery shopping? Or you only do it in special situations?

Many years ago, I published a post about Makeup Expiration Guide. But it's not always easy to remember when I'd bought the item and when I should toss it.

Others suggested putting labels on the back, perhaps this will work for you. I'm lazy and I don't do this. However, it's so much easier for me to remember taking inventory of my makeup stash on the first of the year. 

Honestly, I don't zealously follow the Makeup Expiration Guide. I don't use my makeup regularly and I hate throwing away money on barely used products.

When is the Best Time to Replace Makeup

When is the Best Time to Replace Makeup?

For powder type products like foundation and blush...

I keep it longer if it's not cracked or hardened like a rock. Before or after every use, I wipe the topmost layer with a tissue. I do this to rid it of dirt. (Not sure how effective this is but I do it nonetheless.)

Be mindful of speckling, those are oil buildups. Scrape it off. If you find a number of them, better to toss it out and buy a new one.

Personally, I'm content using drugstore products to prettify my face. Given the shelf-life of makeup, it doesn't make sense to spend more. Of course, that's relative to your budget.

For liquid base products like mascara, eyeliner, brow filler...

The best time to replace them is when the texture changes like when you notice it getting sticky, losing its fluidity. That's when you'll notice your mascara clumping during application. This usually happens around 6 months time. 

Also, pay extra attention when it comes to liquid products. Given the process on how you use them -- applied to the skin, dip to the container, and repeat --they are ideal spots for bacterial growth. 

For oil-based or cream products...
When it looks and smells and feels different, then it's time to toss it out. This is also true for lip products. Using expired makeup causes skin rashes, irritations, or other skin problems.

My favorite concealer at the moment is the Instant Age Rewind Eraser by Maybelline. At first, I was concerned I won't be able to remove and clean the applicator on top of it. There's just no way.

The good news is. It is protected by an anti-microbial system. You might consider that if you're looking to update your concealer.


And since we are on the topic of makeup, don't forget to clean your makeup brushes too. Here's a how-to guide. I use antibacterial soap and olive oil for my brush shampoo and then air dry them using a brush guard.

The bristles should be down -- not like what I did in the photo above; it's only for aesthetic purposes -- the handle up in the air so water will not pool inside the ferrule. 

What's a ferrule?

It's the middle portion of the brush made of metal, which holds the bristles together in place with an adhesive. This helps from shedding.

Here are the products I bought to update my makeup stash.

What updates will you be doing in your makeup stash this New Year?

Oh, lest I forget. I wish you and your loved ones an awesome 2021!

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