A Belated Happy Birthday Gift: My First Ever Luxury Bag

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Yay, it finally made it's way home. For years, since my Singapore days -- around 2012 -- I dreamed of owning a luxury bag. I get inspired by friends and former colleagues who'd style theirs with their work outfits. I want one too,

Except... I didn't.

I made a plethora of reasons why I can't have it by then. First, I must have enough savings in my bank, enabling me to live for 3 months without income. Remember, I was a foreign worker in Singapore at this point. My position is not a guarantee of retirement. I could be layoff and sent back to the Philippines anytime. (Yep, this did happen.) I need justification for such an indulgent purchase.

Next, I must own a house. So I signed a 10-year mortgage back in my home country, the Philippines. I can't buy luxury if I don't even have assets to my name. I need to substantiate my purchase. Then, I wanted to fully pay that mortgage. Then... another reason came up.

Even after we move to the USA, sold our first house, and move to our second, I held my position. Though I still buy from Coach and Kate Spade and Tory Burch and Micheal Kors, brands still considered luxury with an accessible price point.

Fast forward to 2020 and I was mulling over my decision. I could just have reasoned I got one as a token for the risks, tears, and hours spent working in a foreign land, figuring enigmatic software issues. When I lost my job back in March of last year, I lost the means to afford them.

This regret was further exacerbated by my husband's encouragement to stay and home and focus on my writing ministry. See shoutsofwisdom.com. Obviously, writing words isn't as profitable as writing codes. This is true at first. Rewards only come if you persist. Thankfully, I got my IT job back end of that year.

This time, I decided to finally invest. I was surprised to find the prices of these luxury items skyrocket year after year. Had I bought the items I've been eyeing all those years, I wouldn't have to spend that much money. Nah, too late for that.

I understand this may come off as insensitive since we are on a global pandemic. I'm not writing to please anyone. I simply want something to remind me of my decade in the IT world: risking my savings to find an unguaranteed job back in Singapore, working at odd hours after we move to the US until we move to Canada -- my team is in the SGT time zone.

Anyway, I finally got my first ever luxury bag. But I wasn't the one who bought it. The husband gifted it to me early this month for my 34th birthday. It was an understatement to say, I'm happy. I was bouncing and shrieking and guffawing at the thought of me owning a luxury item -- the me, who has a daily allowance of 27 PHP (about 0.50 USD) back in college -- even before the bag arrived.

I'm grateful people don't remain where they are so long as they work hard, glazing it with diligence and ambition.

So what did I have for my first luxury bag? Scroll down to find out.

My first luxury bag the Louis Vuitton Alma BB
My first luxury bag the Louis Vuitton Alma BB

My little boy can't wait to see what's inside too.

My first luxury bag the Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Yes, I got an Alma BB from Louis Vuitton.

My first luxury bag the Louis Vuitton Alma BB
My first luxury bag the Louis Vuitton Alma BBMy first luxury bag the Louis Vuitton Alma BB

What I Thought

  • Online Shopping Experience

The husband picked the Alma BB for me and bought it at the official Louis Vuitton website. There's no way we could go in-store -- two hours away to Montreal -- since Ontario is on lockdown since Christmas day.

It was a ruckus. One moment the item is available. After doing a refresh, it says sold out. The husband wanted to get it a week early, but I said to wait for a little. Bad move. A few days after, there was a price increase, and he paid 80 CAD more.

The package arrived around two weeks' time.

  • The bag

I've owned dozens of bags all my life, from 5-10 US dollar bags -- that's my price range back when I was still working in the Philippines -- to 300-400 US dollar bags. My most expensive being, before the LV came is this bag.

First impression and the quality is amazing. I was surprised to find how lightweight this bag is. This bag opens wide since the zipper goes all the way to its sides. I love that this is structured. Meaning, it would contort to whatever shape when empty. It's spacious at the bottom, tapering towards the top. Chic!

I haven't used it yet since we haven't been out. I can't wait to style it soon. Also, I'm petite, at 5'1", this bag is perfect for my smallish frame.

My first luxury bag the Louis Vuitton Alma BB

I'm super grateful.

Do you own a luxury bag/bags? What's the first-ever luxury item you own? If you haven't, what do you plan to get for your first or dream to someday have?