Here's A Tour of The First Home We Sold

February 07, 2018

We've beautified this house the way we knew how. Let me just say, it's not magazine worthy. Lol! But we love it there.

Me and my husband were kinda tight with our budget. Haha! So we weren't able to fully furnished this house.

This is one of the places where we've experienced the goodness and mercies of the Lord. This house is special to us 'coz this is where we started our little family.

So last month, I've shared our story on why we decided to move and how we were at the right place, the right time to grab an awesome deal of our current home.

Scott Felder Homes intended to build this house as a model home. Here's the link to that story. ;)

Finally, here's the tour inside our first home. Come on in!

Front Yard


Back Yard

I love that we got no neighbors from the back. There's a green belt in there.

Home Office

Actually, this is staged. Lol! My husband has 2 mining rigs here.

The Guest Room

Common Bathroom

The Masters

Kitchen & Dining

Family Room

If I'll ever miss this house, I'll just have to go back to this post again and again. :D

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