Here's A Tour of The First Home We Sold

Our apartment is literary empty. It has been 3 months since we've relocated to the US. We're taking things slow because our finances are tight. Then, one day, we received a pamphlet about affordable new homes in suburban Austin. My husband is interested. I was nervous!

"We can't buy a house this early after our relocation!" He thought we should check it out. I conceded. We talked into that new build and the contract is signed. Gosh, I can't believe we're easy sales targets!

We've beautified our first home the way we knew how. Let me say, it's not magazine-worthy okay. But we love it there. This is our first ever home after all and this is where we became a family. :)

After 2 years, we decided to sell. I was concern with space because I was working from home at that time and we thought we needed a room for our little boy. Here's the story for that.

Back to the tour. Come on in!

Front Yard


Back Yard

I love that we got no neighbors right at the back. There's a green belt in there.

Home Office

Obviously, this is staged for viewing. Lol! My husband has 2 mining rigs here.

The Guest Room

Common Bathroom

The Masters

Kitchen & Dining

Family Room


Dining Set [here]
Living Room Curtains [here]
Sofa [here]
Loveseat [here]
Barstools [here]
Area rug [here]
Coffee Table [here]
Floor Lamp [here]

If I ever miss our first home, I'll just have to go back to this post again and again.