New Beginnings 2018: A Diary

Happy New Year Y'all! I hope you had a blast. Woohoo! Hello, 2018.

Christmas week has been pretty intense. We sold our house. And we had to move before the New Year comes. So yes, we've done lots of packing and unpacking throughout the festive season. Phew! It's pretty hard with a baby too.

The Journey

Our 1st home took 3 months to sell. The process gave me so much stress. I felt like falling apart every single day. It wasn't easy. The only thing that held me all throughout was His faithfulness.

We believe that it's time to enlarge our territory because we are trusting Him for a big family.

"Enlarge the place of your tent, And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; 
Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, And strengthen your stakes. 
For you shall expand to the right and to the left, 
And your descendants will inherit the nations, 
And make the desolate cities inhabited." 
- Isaiah 54:2-3

You know, we love our first house. We even thought it's the home where we'd grow old together. However, after having our little guy we realized we needed a bigger space if we wanted more kiddos.

To us, our first house served as a monument of the goodness and mercies of the Lord in our lives.

faith story

Of Suddenlys and Immediatelys

Last year while looking for a new place to move in, our builder, Scott Felder Homes, showed us a house construction they intend to build as a model house. 

It's the newest layout they're promoting. We love it so much that we decided it's the home we wanted them to build for our little family. We then chose the lot we like and waited for the next 6 months. Or so we thought...

faith story

A few weeks down they offered to sell us the model house 'coz they are closing out in the area. I tell you what, this is unusual as it almost never happens. Moreover, it's impossible to put yourself in such a good time, unless you're an insider.

As you may have guessed, they gave us a remarkably good deal. The sales agent even said it's the best deal he'd made from his career of selling houses. The house boasts of upgrades and it's near an elementary school.

Great right? Actually, there are no spoils without a battle. Yes, battles need to be won. As mentioned earlier, the whole process was highly stressful on my part. Oh no!

faith story

Our faith was stretch beyond our limits. Scott Felder Home Builder gave us 1 month to sell our first house, the one where we previously lived, if not they're opening the new house to other potential buyers. Well, that's just how business works.

When one month came through and our previous house was still on the market, discouragement rolled in. I won't lie, we were scared to lose the deal and the upgrades of the new house. And yes, it took us 3 looong months...

We battled doubt, unbelief, discouragements, diaper changes, and angry cries from a hungry baby. Many times we'd question if it's a battle worth fighting for.

You see, we've invested so much time and emotion already; from choosing the interiors to checking out the progress every single week. So yes, losing the new house to another buyer would be painful. 

Thankfully, no one made an offer on that new house. Hallelujah! And yes, we just moved in. God is sooo good! Yup, I'll be doing a reveal soon. And our little guy is just as excited.

faith story

Finally, that phase is over. It's a brand new year with new lands to conquer. I don't know what's ahead. We trust that the Lord is with us and He goes before us. We can rest assure that it is good. I pray the same for you too.