Superstition lies rampant in the country I grew up in. People believe lots of crazy stuff such as mole meanings on the body. With the explosion of knowledge over the ether, we know now that moles are skin conditions.

But before the rapid rise of modernization sweeping the nation, the generation before me believed that moles foretell one's fortune in life.

How are moles related to travel? You may ask. Here's my story...

The Tale of The Mole and The Wanderer

Whenever someone detects the mole on my left heel, I'd hear most of them say "Laagan siguro ka!" (It means I must be someone who spends a lot of time wandering around, going from place to place.)

Apparently, moles on the foot/feet means a wanderer or someone who never stays put. I wasn't too happy to be labeled as one back then.

The native word 'laagan' (which translates to wanderer, rover) used to be a negative connotation in my mind because my mom would guilt-trip me with that identity whenever she learns her only daughter went out without permission. What do you know, it was a rebellious phase of my teenage years!

Now, huh!, I don't mind the label wanderer. In fact, I love the nomadic lifestyle. The world is beautiful! There are places to see, things to do, foods to taste, and experiences to memorialized beyond the island city where I breathed my first. My dream, like or many others, is to make them into my reality.

As you can tell, that mole on my left heel no longer bothered me. I could even say, thank God I got one. If not for it, people wouldn't be saying good things into my future when I was younger.

But it's not the mole per se, it's the power of the words catapulting one's destiny.

The Goal

One of the goals for 'AGladDiary' is to share my travel experiences with you so you could benefit from our encounters, observations, insights, tips, and recommendations like where to eat, places to see, where to stay, and things to do.

The fun just never stops when you share your celebratory moments with others. And when my time is up, the generations after me could take something away from here too.

If only I were my great-great-great-grandmother, wouldn't it be amazing to read her diary online? Ha, I could only speculate!

Anyhow, I wish that this blog could be a helpful resource for you during the planning phase of your travels. :D

Countries Visited

So far, I've been to 13 countries. If you're looking for travel guides, food recommendations, itineraries or get a feel of the place in your mind's eye before going, you're in the right place. Simply click the image link of the country you're planning to visit below. Only if, it's on the list. :D

Traveling -- It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
~ Ibn Battuta