The 3 Lessons I Learned in 2020

As we bid shell-shocked 2020 goodbye, I would like to recall the 3 lessons I learned from the year.

Indeed, the anomalistic 10-months since the lockdown has been jarring for us all. The sudden lifestyle change deranged plans and schedules.

Some of us were denied last farewells to dear loved ones. Others braved the hospital wing to welcome the breath of a new life. Many lost their sources of income including myself early this year. 

I had to dig past the pile of disappointments to search for the treasured lessons I could take with me in the oncoming years. I believe 2020 is just the beginning of more unhinging changes to come like a door, a threshold to a new era.

We could use the lessons of the departing year to equip us for the challenges ahead.

The 3 Major Lessons I Learned in 2020

So yes, here are the 3 Lessons I learned in 2020.

1. Fear is a lousy decision-maker.

Whether we recognize it or not, some of our decisions are motivated by fear.

Say, I love to window shop online. After browsing through an infinite number of times, it's not news that I'd itch to add something new in my closet. I'd reason a gazillion times why I must have-it and such.

This liking intensities when the website informs me 'this is the last size for this specific style' or 'this is the only sale this year with major discounts', high are the chances I'd make an unreasonable purchase.

Because I'm gullible enough to be played under the cunning of the marketing team. They'd prey on my human weakness, my fear of missing out, which makes my decision susceptible to persuasion.

This isn't only true when making on-the-spot purchases, but also in life in general. That's because...

Fear sells. 

Do you ever wonder why your emotions rise and fall when you watch the news? 

I'm not suggesting you don't. Be informed (if that's what you prefer), but guard your heart.

When emotions are high, when outside forces cajole you to act, it's best to press pause. Give it time. Assess the situation. And ask, "Will I still be making this decision on a calm mind and heart?"

Be vigilant. Before you say or do something, think if it's what you actually want. So you won't be coerced by another like a master puppeteer with invisible strings attached to our hearts and minds without us being aware of it.

2. Resilience.

If you ask me two New Year's ago what I'll do if locked inside the home for the whole year, I'd probably tell you I'd lose my mind. But you and I didn't. That's because...

We assess ourselves less than what we are capable of.

Sure, life on a lockdown is uncomfortable at first, but we're able to make the necessary adjustments. Some actually prefer the work from home lifestyle. Those who've lost learned to stand up again.

Man is built resilient to withstand difficulties. In fact, many rose up to the occasion, surprising even themselves.

Difficulties stretch us to grow. Thus, make the best use of it.

This verse from the book of Jeremiah summed up the point better.

If racing against mere men makes you tired, how will you race against horses? If you stumble and fall on open ground, what will you do in the thickets near the Jordan?
~ Jeremiah 12:5

The thicket of Jordan is a place of flooding. Also, there were lions preying about there. (Not sure now but in Jeremiah's time.)

Our present challenge prepares us for the many stretching situations that lie ahead.

3. Dwelling on the Past is Pointless

When I got serious about personal development, I often catch myself sighing, "Why didn't I have access to this as a young adult, then I wouldn't have to be a fool.

If a glitch happens in time and space so that we could relive the past again, guess what, we'd still repeat the same mistakes.


Because we're stuck in the same mindset.

Ever wonder why certain people are glued to the same predicament for the past 5 years? It's not because of a lack of resources, but mindset.

The mind cannot receive when it isn't ready. If I'd receive a personal development book at that point in time, I'd probably ignore it.

After all, you cannot find it if you weren't looking. But when the mind is ready, oh yes, growth explodes.

Obviously, we cannot alter the past but we can do something in our now. Thus, put all your energy into today to minimize -- or if possible eliminate -- the regrets in the future.


How about you? What lessons have you learned in the year 2020 that you could take with you in the challenging days ahead?

I pray you to have an awesome 2021 then. Happy New Year! ;

the 3 lessons I learned in 2020