The Vacation Home : A Year After

A year had passed since the turnover of our house back in the Philippines. And up until now, me and husband hasn't been able to set foot on that house, like never! My mom agreed to live in that house and she's really been a great help. I salute her limitless patience with me especially when I get so demanding. So come in and have a look!

Just like in our home here in Texas, we've started by buying the basic furnitures. For 6 long months, my mom had to live in that house without a sofa and a bed. Yeah, I'm not a good daughter. But I told her to endure for a while and be resourceful. 

I've been pinning furnitures and inspirations from Pinterest for months to strategize how to do this, look for sources on where to get the furnitures and how to design our house remotely, using the Internet and the brain, with a really challenging space. Yes, I'm doing the interior design myself with me a thousand miles away from the Philippines and not being able to set foot on that house yet. Whew! But I love doing this! And my mom contributed a lot as well. So it's not like it's hard at all. 

The picture above shows how our house, in the Philippines, looks like now. It took a year for that house to have a form. Thanks to my mom and the big discount sales from Mandaue Foam. Yep, I buy furnitures from them. Thank God for their online presence. For now, they're my only furniture store source for our vacation home back in the Philippines.

Me and my husband accumulated lots and lots of books when we lived back in Singapore, we didn't brought them with us in the US but instead send them back home in the Philippines. I wanted to buy a display cabinet or a bookcase for them because having them display in the living area adds a lot to the overall feel of the room. I saw inspirations from pinterest of cube bookcases that doubles up as a media stand so I did just that. I'm planning to add legs to that bookcase, update my mom's TV and put up picture frames on top.

Below is a before and after of our vacation home after a year.

But I'm still far from done. Some of the items in my wishlist for our living area are :
  • Center Table
  • Accent Chair
  • Fake Plants
  • Side Table
  • Lamp
  • Ceiling Fan with Lights
So yeah, will keep this blog posted for the progress of our vacation home as well. Kudos to my mom for taking the pictures!