Boho-Chic Interior Ideas

Okay, I've completely changed my mind. I've initially decided to interior design our vacation home back in the Philippines with a Tropical / Safari themed interior look but then the Bohemian Chic Style is captivating.

I love the mixture of pattered items, big frames, woods, metals, plants and bold hues. I mean, what's not to love? I wish I did this to our home here in Texas but it's too late for that so I'll channel my boho-chic love instead to our vacation home back in the Philippines. This is how it looked as of December 2015. Thanks to my mom for taking the photo.

I know I can still do so much! I didn't waste time. I immediately scouted for items to achieve the look I'm looking for. I've found this 2x3 pink woven rug from Urban Outfitters on sale last week and received it on mail today. I thought of layering it on top of that zebra print rug to make a bold statement just like this. If not, then I can just ask my mom to place it somewhere else.

More items...

Items summarized from top to bottom, left to right:

Hhhhmmm.. 2016 will be an exciting year!!