Safari / Tropical Living Room Interior Ideas

I have been inspired to do a safari/tropical themed interior look for our vacation home back in the Philippines. Thanks to Pinterest for providing a wealth of inspirations! I've mentioned in my previous blog post before : Vacation Home Ideas, that doing the interior design myself with zero experience is a huge challenge. Add the small space of the area that needs to be designed and on top of that, the challenge of doing it remotely using the Internet! I'm really grateful for the Internet in my generation. ;)

So here's the space that needs to be designed.

Yeah, I know it's really small! Can I achieve the theme I'm after? 

Well, you'll never know unless you've tried so I'll gamble anyway. My sister-in-law advised me before to hire an interior designer because the small space, our vacation home had, is a huge challenge. Indeed! But I'm frugal. I'll just use the money to pay the interior designer to buy furnitures. I mean come on! I'm being practical here.

Below are my picks.

Most of the items found here are on Mandaue Foam. It's sad to say that this is the only furniture store source I had back in the Philippines but it's nice anyway, never mind the many replicas I'll probably have in my neighbors houses. If you're interested with the list then here they are (from top to bottom, left to right):

4 - Mandaue Foam Rattan Coffee Set (I might consider getting this set instead of individually buying a center table and an accent chair)
5 - Mandaue Foam Seagreass Ottoman which I'll be using as a side table

I'll look for other alternatives for the furnitures I've loved from Ikea, Walmart & Target when I visit the Philippines. But I wish my mom would be a bit more pro-active although she's already done a great job helping me with this.