My Year of Travel 2015

With the year 2015 coming to a close, let's take a look back at the places we've been to this year.

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2015 is a very eventful year for us. We've relocated from Singapore to Austin, Texas, January 1st this year, due to my husband's work. I could remember very well my emotions back then. Feelings of uncertainty, loneliness, excitement and hope. As I look back, I felt very grateful to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for this wonderful blessing. It's beyond we could ever ask or think. From that day forward everything else is a monument of His goodness. Here's to that time when me and hubby strolled around Downtown Austin.

Downtown Austin, Texas


I love exploring new places. Me and my hubby visited San Antonio, Texas, March of this year, and together we've explored San Antonio's historic places.

The Alamo San Antonio, Texas


Someone tipped us about Mount Bonnell and you know what happened next.

Mount Bonnell Austin, Texas


Here's to a weekend well spent at McKinney Falls State Park.

McKinney Falls State Park Austin, Texas


Nope, we didn't visit The Ghost Town during the Halloween month. Afterall, it's not just on the Halloween month you get to see creepy things. Some places are made to look just like that all year round.

Ghost Town Manor Texas


Me and hubby spent our 2nd wedding anniversary at Houston, Texas to meet fossilized dinosaurs. Me and my brother used to collect toy dinosaurs when we were young. It's part of my childhood and I'm glad to have finally see them in the bones. :D

Fossilized Dinosaurs at MORIAN HALL OF PALEONTOLOGY Houston, Texas


This is by far one of the most memorable trips me and my hubby did this year. We did a 4 day road trip from Nevada-Arizona-Utah and back. It was a beautiful experience. We thought about doing this again with our family in tow.

Route 66 Williams Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

The Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona

Lower Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

The Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, USA

Our first and last road trip destination this year was at Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, I don't get to take photos whenever we get to visit the area because it's always about meetings. 

Aaah!! 'Twas a year crown with His goodness where His paths drip with abundance.