We Took the Boat Ride at Niagara Falls with our 2-year-Old -- Here's What Happened

A friend recommended not to miss out on the boat ride experience at Niagara Falls. Looking at it, my audacious spirit is activated, yet, I couldn't brush off the concern for my 2-year-old son, "Can he handle it? It might be too early from him." I mean, look at that massive force! In the end, our sense of adventure got the best of us, we took the plunge. Here's what happened...

Boat Ride Pricing

You can either take the boat ride on the American or on the Canadian side (wherever you maybe). We bought our tickets on the spot. We took the day ride for $25++ CAD per person. Children 4 and under get to ride FREE. 

The funicular ride is extra which costs $2.75 CAD each one way. We didn't take that, instead, we took the ramp leading to the dock. The line moves quickly so it's okay.

There's also a night ride option with stunning illuminations of the falls and fireworks lighting up the sky. You'll have to pay more for this ride. The night option is usually fully booked, better to secure your tickets online. You can find them here: Maid of the Mist (American side), Hornblower (Canadian side).

I'd recommend taking either or both the day or night option. It's totally worth it.

The Boat Ride Experience

Even though a large number of people come for this attraction, the queue moves fast. (Yes, I've mentioned this earlier.) The ride takes 20 minutes and you'll get up close and personal to the falls: both the American and the horseshoe-shaped falls. 

Everyone is given a plastic poncho including the children but you'll still get wet, bring an extra change of clothes.

Other Activities to Do

If you're staying longer, here are some fun things to do in the area.

That's us imprinting our travel memory at the Niagara Falls. I'm glad to have crossed one item on my bucket list. ;)

Where to Eat

We didn't dine at the restaurants around the falls. You should be aware by now, most (okay, maybe not all), shops and restaurants around major attractions are tourist traps. Well, if you're willing to pay more for convenience or accessibility then it's up to you.

I've searched online and found this one, Tide & Vine Oyster House. It's a 10-minute drive away from the falls. Guys, I guarantee it's a MUST-TRY! Our friend remarked the taste like an explosion of flavors. That's how good it is!

Story Continued...

Our son stubbornly refused to wear his poncho during our boat ride tour at the falls. Due to the immense power and sheer volume of water hitting the rocks below, it produces this damp misty environment enveloping the falls. And our tour boat went through that thing!

The children started crying when we came near the horseshoe-shape falls. Adults are roaring with glee. The mist got denser and denser as we drew near. We could barely open our eyes. And our son is completely drenched! He is shivering from the cold too.

A Chinese tourist took pity and came near. This person tried her best to help, though we couldn't understand each other. Still, our little person wouldn't budge, we are on our wit's end. 

Good thing the boat is stable enough despite the current. My husband made sure to hold him tight reassuring him. I worried over nothing before taking the ride.

The crazy part? I did not bring an extra shirt for him. I heavily relied on that poncho. (Oh no!) Thank God, the souvenir shop is there to our rescue. Haha.

I must say this is the highlight of our trip and I would do this again and again.

Yes, I'd recommend the boat ride tour at the Niagara Falls. If you could only do one activity during your visit, then this would be it. It's an awesome experience. I'm happy we took the plunge with our 2-year-old. It's safe and totally worth it!