Walking Tour of Vieux (Old) Montreal

Wow, that was an eye feast! Having witnessed the beautiful church interior at the Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal, I'm pumped up to see more from the old city.

It was towards the end of summer when we visited Montreal, Quebec. The trip took us 2 hours from Ottawa, Ontario.

Old Montreal is a major tourist spot, expect a crowd!

Vieux (Old) Montreal: Things To Do in Montreal

Where to Eat

Let's talk about one of man's basic needs -- food. By now, you should be aware that you'll be paying more to dine at the city's most visited place. Make sure to check yelp or take time to 'google' the restaurant and read reviews online.

Just because groups of people are dining at a certain eatery, the taste isn't guaranteed. May I remind you again, this is a tourist spot. People flocked here, food will be overpriced. 

We did just that and landed at Brasserie 321 in Place Jacques-Cartier, Montreal. Food is good and we're happy with their serving. 

Vieux (Old) Montreal: Things To Do in Montreal

Vieux (Old) Montreal

Old Montreal is a historic neighborhood within the municipality of Montreal in the province of Quebec, Canada. Founded by French settlers in 1642 as Fort Ville-Marie, Old Montreal is home to many structures dating back to the era of New France. [source]

And so our self-guided walking tour begins... actually, it's more like wandering around! Haha.

Vieux (Old) Montreal: Things To Do in Montreal

Say hi to the fam. :)

Vieux (Old) Montreal: Things To Do in Montreal
Vieux (Old) Montreal: Things To Do in Montreal

Oh, and don't miss out capturing memories on those charming alleyways.

Vieux (Old) Montreal: Things To Do in Montreal


What mementos do you collect from your travels? Key chains, ref magnets, t-shirts (the usual ones)? or maybe you're satisfied with just the shots taken from your camera?

Me? (Sure. You didn't ask but I'm gonna tell you anyway.) I'm recently into collecting art. It would be amazing if I could afford those elaborate ones but the affordable pieces are fine with the current budget. 

I'm thinking of putting up a gallery wall from our travels. It's thanks to Pinterest for the inspiring idea. 

Yep, there are souvenirs shops and a handful of small art stalls in the area. You can even have your portrait sketched!

Vieux (Old) Montreal: Things To Do in Montreal

We concluded our trip by taking the Ferris Wheel ride at the Old Port. Check it out here. We didn't stay the night in Montreal since it's just a 2-hour ride back home.

Would you have stayed for the night? For us, a day's worth of visit is enough.


Visiting places sure is exciting! That concludes our walking tour of the old city. I hope this gave you an idea of what to expect during your visit to Old Montreal. Have fun! Talk to you soon then. :)