Is Paying for the Entrance Fee at the Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal Worth It?

August 28, 2019

Tourists are everywhere. The Place d'Armes square is packed. The queue is piling up at the church facade. The husband thought we'd skip viewing the church interior, but I insisted. Geez, what's up with him, why take a pass? It's not like we'd come here often. In the end, I won. Haha!

Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal: AGladDiary Travel
Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal: AGladDiary Travel

The Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal is the heart of old Montreal. It faces the Place d'Armes square. In the center is a monument in memory of Paul de Chomedey, the founder of Montreal. The historic Old Montreal neighborhood and Old Port Montreal is a short walking distance from here.

During summer, the grand organs of the Basilica come alive! Prestigious organists from all over the world are invited to perform great music. These organs dated way from way back 1891. Impressive! It would have been wonderful to bask in the impeccable acoustics of this magnificent masterpiece.

Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal: AGladDiary Travel
Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal: AGladDiary Travel

Long Queue and Entrance Fee

There is an admission fee of $8 CAD (as of August 2019) per person, with or without the guided tour. The tour took 20 minutes long. You can choose from either in French or English. Children aged 6 below are free of charge and children ages 7 -  17 is $5 CAD.

It is a long queue but it moves fast. They also accept card payment in the event you forgot to bring cash. 

Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal: AGladDiary Travel

Is the Entrance fee Worth It?

Why pay for the entrance fee? Churches should be free! Let me be honest, I think those kinds of thoughts too. But you see, millions visit this church every year. Think you are contributing to the regular upkeep of the facility to maintain its pristine condition. I would want my posterity to come and visit the Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal someday too. 

If you adhere to the Catholic faith, you can opt to attend a mass or for the full experience. The church also hosts events, if you'd like to know more check out their website here

Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal: AGladDiary Travel

And oh, did I mention Celine Dion got married at this church? I was surprised when I learned about it.

To me, it is worth it! I'm grateful for the opportunity to travel and experience a lot of things. This is the second Notre-Dame church my husband and I visited; the first is at Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

If you're planning to visit Montreal, do include the Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal in your 'places to see list'. I tell you the entrance fee is worth it.

Talk to you soon. ;)

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