Top 5 UberEats Orders in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

It's late. Our flight to Ottawa from New Jersey got delayed for 2 hours. Add in another hour or two waiting at the car rental service, drive to the hotel and check-in. Ah, we're tired, exhausted and hungry! 

Our little son kept on asking for milk on the way and our bellies are igniting a protest! "We need to order food fast!" Isn't it amazing that in this day and age we can order food anytime anywhere at the touch of our fingertips? Hello, UberEats! We like this app, we've been using their service ever since. Here I'll share with you our top 5 UberEats Orders in Ottawa, Ontario. Scroll down.

168 Sushi Buffet

They have sushi, sashimi, bento, udon and lots more. We like them for their reasonable prices. Salmon sashimi is fresh. Udon is our son's favorite. And the bulgogi pan-fried beef is yummy. We paid $30 CAD for this set and it's good for 2 1/2 persons. The 1/2 being our 2-year-old son. Check them out here

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Swiss Chalet

Meat, meat and more meat! Our favorites are the spicy chicken wings, rotisserie chicken and the oh-so-yummy baby back ribs. Gosh, this set is so filling! They don't shy away from their portions! Prices are affordable too. Check them out here

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tamis Cafe

How can we miss out on our motherland cookery? Our most ordered item on the menu is the pork BBQ skewers, oh yes, we ordered this consistently for the next 3 days. Our 2-year-old son digs it a lot too. I'm glad he's got a knack for our homeland taste. 

It's a bit pricey though. I have my husband's company to thank for -- yes, he's got a relocation allowance for one month. ;)) Their website here

1 for 1 Pizza

I have a spicy chicken wings obsession. It all started in Austin, TX. I brought it with me here in Ottawa, Ontario. From all the UberEats order we've made, the spicy wings from 1 for 1 Pizza are by far one of our favorites. We order this together with a pizza or two. 

Notice that little hand on the upper right corner from the photo below? He just couldn't wait to get in on those delicious toppings. Haha. Check them out here.

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


How come we haven't visited the A&W branch back in Austin? We aren't even aware of their existence until we move to Ottawa! Absurd, I know, but I keep on ordering the same thing every single time be it in-store or using the UberEats app. 

Guess what menu item that is? Of course, the Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger! Haha. What else? It must be SPICY! Actually, they only got one spicy item on the menu so that explains why. How about you? Do you like spicy food? You might also like the Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger from them. Check out their website here.


I'm so thankful for the brains behind the UberEats app. Now, we can order food anytime anywhere. It's one of the helpful apps we've used during our first month here in Ottawa, Ontario -- and still is.

Have you tried ordering a meal using the UberEats app? What are your local area favorites? If you haven't yet, give it a try. Use coupon code: 'eats-gideonc383ue' you'll get a discount off on your first order. (Okay, the discount amount depends on your home country.) Well, you have an awesome day then. Talk to you soon.