Unstoppable Influence: Be You. Be Fearless. Transform Lives by Natasha Hazlett | Book Review

Here's a thought-provoking question for you, "Are you committed to making the greatest impact possible during your lifetime?"

Let me share a little about where I live. Next to our apartment building is a cemetery. Whenever I look outside my office window, I'm reminded of the many dreams, abilities, gifts, and talents that lay buried in there, never seeing the light of day.

Will my fate be the same? Do I really have something to give? How about you? Do you take the time to ask yourself such questions?

Unstoppable Influence by Natasha Hazlett Book Review

Life Questions that are Hard to Ignore

I'm the type of reader who skips the exercises at the end of each chapter. (I'm sure I'm not alone on this.) However, the questions and action steps found in Natasha Hazlett's book, Unstoppable Influence: Be You. Be Fearless. Transform Lives are hard to ignore.

These questions are so good, they'll make you want to answer them. Questions like,

  • "Who am I without limitations?"
  • "If you have a calling but haven't acted upon it, reflect on the reasons why. What mental garbage is preventing you from living your life's purpose?" or the one asked above.

And action steps such as finding your voice and your message. The book comes with a workbook you can download for free. This is where you write all your thoughts and reflections at the end of each chapter.

5 Gleanings from the Book

Here are 5 gleanings I've collected from the book.

  • The reality is, there’s only one you. There are people out there who need what you have to offer, in the way that you offer it.
  • If you were perfect, not many people would want to follow you, because you’d be a reminder of their own inadequacies. It’s through struggles and challenges that you’ll not only grow, but you’ll also become more relatable to those who follow your lead.
  • If everything always worked out perfectly, you would never grow. Welcome obstacles, and view them for what they are—opportunities for growth.
  • We should be setting goals based on what we really want, instead of settling for reasonable goals based on what we think we can accomplish based on our current situation.
  • People look at life through their own lenses. Those lenses are clouded by their personal fears, anxieties, and shortcomings, so they are transferring their own feelings to you. What they say maybe 100% true for them, but that doesn’t make it true for you.

Here's more, especially for you.

Roadmap to Unstoppable Influence

Step 1: Find your voice and message.
Step 2: Determine who you’ll serve.
Step 3: Identify how you’ll serve your audience.
Step 4: Monetize your message.
Step 5: Unleash your influence and amplify your message.

Book Review

This book is 250 pages long. It'll take about 2 hours to finish, more if you do the exercises at the end of each chapter. I did enjoy my time reading this book. It's like talking to a friend. The author has a remarkable ability to capture your attention and make you crave for more. In fact, I had a hard time putting this book down. Natasha Hazlett a genius!

Rating: 5/5

I'll be robbing you of the hidden gold found inside this book if I'm not recommending it. So here, grab your copy now of Unstoppable Influence: Be You. Be Fearless. Transform Lives by Natasha Hazlett. CLICK the link below!

"Your duty is to plant seeds.  Even if they don’t bloom on your watch,  plant them anyway." ~Natasha Hazlett

There you go, friend. I hope my book review of Unstoppable Influence: Be You. Be Fearless. Transform Lives by Natasha Hazlett is helpful.

You have an awesome day then! See you in my next book review. ;)