Peachtree City Hotel & Conference

Gosh, Peachtree City, GA is remarkably beautiful. The roadways are lined with tall trees on each side -- as in, really tall. You'd even think you're driving inside a forest.

This is one unique city. People use golf carts for transportation. They have parking spots for them too. It is located an hour drive south from downtown Atlanta. 

We absolutely love it there. If conditions are right, we'd move in a heartbeat. Haha! 

We stayed at Peachtree City Hotel & Conference for a workshop my husband attended. We book a room with a poolside view. We like hanging out in the balcony and have breakfast there.

Most of our little guy's days are spent swimming in the pool. Like most children, he enjoys playing in the water. 

Since he is still not potty trained, I had him use this. He had an accident while in the pool and I had to pull him out immediately. Thank goodness, the diaper works! It didn't leak through to the water.

Here's the view from our room balcony.

We had dinners at The Local Kitchen and Pub, located at the hotel lobby, for 4 days straight. Yes, that's the whole time we were in the hotel. Food is that good we don't find the need to go somewhere else. Ah... I wish it's just a 30-minute drive away from home. 

Walmart is a mile drive from the hotel. Target is 4 miles. Restaurants are within the area too. Love how convenient it is considering we have to restock our supply for the ride back.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Peachtree City Hotel & Conference, even our little guy approves of it.