Georgia Aquarium: Largest Aquarium in the World

Last month our little family took a road trip to Georgia for my husband's workshop. Me and our 2-year-old tagged along. Of all the nice places to see in the state -- (like the Stone Mountain, World of Coke, CNN Studio), we decided to visit the Georgia Aquarium.

Because our time to sightsee in the city is limited, we choose to go where it's more enjoyable for little love. As they say, when you become a parent it's going be about the kids.


We paid $32.95 USD per person for entry. Free admission for children under 3 years old. You can buy tickets here.

We visited on a Thursday. The place is packed with visitors. It could be because of the school break.


Since we are first-time visitors in Atlanta, we availed of their onsite parking for $12 USD. More info here.

I'm glad we choose to visit the Georgia Aquarium. Hearing his cute little giggles and seeing the wide-eyed wonder on his lovely face is worth it. My heart is full.

With this visit, I got one bucket list down. ;)