Review: Skin Friend AM Supplement

Last month, I've shared with you our son's battle against eczema. It goes without saying, I've tried lots and lots of products that could help accelerate the healing process or at least get rid, if possible, of the red itchy flaking on his skin.

One of the products we've tried is the Skin Friend AM Supplement. 

Skin Friend AM Supplement Review

Order & Shipping

Once your order is confirmed, they will send you, through email, instructions on how to use the product. It ships all the way from Australia. It took 2 weeks for my order to arrive here in Texas, USA.

I was excited to administer it to my son due to the promising reviews online. When it arrived, I was surprised by how small the container is as compared to the photos on their website.


It's not cheap. It's valued at $57.80 AUD including shipping costs for 90g/3.2 oz. I wish they had smaller units for first-time customers. In case the product won't work, we won't be spending that much and the product won't go to waste.

Skin Friend AM Supplement Review

The AM Supplement looks like an orange juice powder pictured here.


My 2-year-old took the product for 4 straight days. Results below. (No filters)

The photo above is taken four days after he took the Skin Friend AM Supplement. Unfortunately, the product didn't work for us. Our son's skin grew worse instead. He would itch all over his body an hour after taking the supplement.

The photo above is taken 10 days after we stopped giving the supplement. His skin is noticeably better.

Skin Friend AM Supplement Review

In Summary

(Note: I'm not paid to do this. This is my honest review of the Skin Friend AM Supplement.)

I was truly disappointed that the product didn't work out for my son. My hopes are high because of the good reviews on their website. This supplement is not cheap. It's an expensive experiment for us. I wish they had smaller containers for trials. 

If you'd like to find out more, you can check out the Skin Friend AM Supplement here.