When to Visit the Canadian Children's Museum for Free

August 15, 2019

Last week, our little family visited the Canadian Children's Museum for the enjoyment of our little love. It was packed with kids and parents alike. 


Parking is first come first server basis. It is located in the basement. There are 2 floors to choose from; P1 and P2. In our experience, we'd recommend parking in P2. This is not so busy as compared to P1. And there's no need to hassle for parking space as there are lots of available slots on this floor. 

Rate is $2.75 CAD per half an hour. We paid $5.50 CAD for an hour parking.

When to Visit for FREE

Admission is $20 CAD per adult. Children under 3 years old are free. More info here. To visit for free, come on a THURSDAY from 5pm onwards. This is exactly what we did. :D

The Experience

It is fun for kids. Our son is 2 and has never gone to daycare. He is bewildered by the number of visitors at the museum. His cute little face is filled with wonder. 

Once you enter, they will stamp your hand for re-entry and then give you a pencil and fun passport where you can freely stamp on designated points around the museum.

Oh, and don't miss out on the stunning views of the Parliament Hill from the lookout. It would have been more striking if we had clear blue skies during our visit.

As mentioned, visiting the Canadian Children's Museum is a fun experience for both kids and parents alike. Come on a Thursday from 5pm onwards for free admission. Be prepared of the crowd. ;)

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