The Magic of Lights Ottawa 2019

It's that time of the year again! A Very Merry Christmas to you, friend! I wish you an awesome time with your loved ones! How's your situation back there? Are you done your preparations for Christmas? I hope all is set in place!

Year after year, after we relocated to the West, we get homesick every time the Christmas season comes. Spending this special occasion with the people you love is the best! Never take it for granted!

Ah, I miss the food, the parties, the carols, the gifts, the nice clothes, and the fun! I simply miss home. Here, let me share a quick story...

Whenever the 'ber' months come, because Christmas starts early back in the Philippines, there's a song I never fail to sing every year. It's this one. Don't simply read it okay? Sing it with me. "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..." There you did it! :D 

Whenever I sing that song, I really mean it, because I wish to see snow. And now here we are! We're literally having a White Christmas this year!

The Magic of Lights Ottawa

We did so by visiting Ottawa's Magic of Lights last week. Unlike Austin's Trail of Lights, we enjoyed the display of lights inside the car. Seriously, you wouldn't want to go there and walk. It's a long trail with below negative degrees Celcius weather. Nope, thank you! We like it inside the car. Haha!

The entrance fee is billed per vehicle. We paid $20 CAD to see The Magic of Lights. It is located in Wesley Clover Parks and is open nightly from 5:00pm to 10pm. For more info, check out their website here.

I apologize in advance for my blurry photos. I'm taking these inside a moving vehicle. Here, allow me to take you on a quick photo tour at The Magic of Lights Ottawa, Canada. Scroll down!

A Fun Experience for the Kids

My heart leaped for joy when I heard our 2-year-old say, "Wow, I like the lights!" He can form short sentences now and I'm one proud parent here. Warning: Doting parent alert! Haha.

I highly recommend The Magic of Lights for families with young children living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It's a fun experience for the kids. Every turn is a surprise. Besides, the display of lights is even more beautiful with the snow covering the park. It's truly a wow! Just like what my 2-year-old said.

We may miss spending the Christmas festivities with family and friends back in The Philippines but this is where home is now. We've learned to celebrate this special occasion in our own special way: a simple dinner at home on Christmas Eve, unboxing the gifts on Christmas Day and going to special events where we currently live, just like The Magic of Lights Ottawa.

How are you spending your Christmas the year?


There you go, friend. I hope our experience at The Magic of Lights Ottawa gave you an idea of what to expect when you come. You have a wonderful Christmas Week then! Talk to you soon. ;)