Maxi Dress with Leopard Prints

Sunday has always been my favorite day. And since its my favorite day dressing up fashionably and putting makeup on is not an excuse. For me, it's the time to flaunt my best!

For last sunday's look I choose to wear a leopard print maxi dress with a denim jacket. A maxi dress is a petite girl's best friend. You just have to choose the dress that flatters your frame. What I love about maxi dresses is that you can add anything to them: from bangles, leather/denim jackets, wedges/sandals, to statement rings. Its up to you to choose how to accessorize them.


Maxi dress from Cotton On
Denim Jacket from Cache Cache
Peep toe wedges from Heatwave

This look visually adds an extra inch to my petite frame, don't you think?