How to Remove Stain On the Go

I was enjoying my lunch when all of a sudden the sauce spilled on my skirt. Yikes! I had no tissue with me as well. What a tragedy! I asked the lady beside me and she graciously offered me her whole packet of tissue. Thank God for gracious people. So I wiped off the spilled sauce but it left a stain on my skirt. Here I'll show you how I removed it.


1. Go to the washroom and wet the area with clean water. I'm grateful to have worn a silk skirt when the sauce spilled so its easier for me to remove the stain. No need to take off the clothes unless it spilled on the area that's a bit hard to position under the faucet.

2. Rub the stained area with your hands until it is removed or less visible. You can also use the hand soap in the wash room, if you'd prefer. This is to remove the smell of the sauce on the area. Wash thoroughly and be careful so that you won't get wet as well.

3. Twist and purge the water out.

4. Dry the area using the hand drier. This is very convenient. Nobody wants to walk around with clothes dripping on a sunny day, right?

5. Apply a perfume or cologne. This is to avoid smelling like someone dipped on a sauce.

And you're done.

No more evidence of spilled sauce on my skirt. Its as if nothing happened.