How To Do the Lavish Lavender Makeup Look

The beauty of nature really captivates me so much so that I've decided to put this beautiful lavender farm picture into my eyes (Okay not literally, just the colors). So, I came up with this makeup look (photo below) which I would call the Lavish Lavender makeup look.

How To Do the Lavish Lavender Makeup Look
How To Do the Lavish Lavender Makeup Look


Here's how it is done.

Do your usual pre-makeup routine: cleanse - tone - moisturizer - sunblock. Then apply a face primer, foundation, concealer and set it off with powder. After that, we're now going to start.


1. Prime your eyes. This will help enhance the colors of your eyeshadow and make it last longer.

2. Apply a light blue eyeshadow shade on the inner corners of your upper eyelid not surpassing the midsection.

3. Apply a medium blue shade eyeshadow on the middle section of your upper eyelids.

4. Apply a medium purple shade eyeshadow on the outer corner of your upper eyes.

5. Take a blending brush and blend the application. We don't have to see the harsh lines on the edge of each shade. Extend the purple eyeshadow shade, making your way out. But don't make it pass beyond the tip of your eyebrows.

6. Mix in a dark blue and a plum or a dark purple eyeshadow shade and apply it just on the corner of your outer eye.

7. Blend in the application we did on step 6 with the rest.

8. Mix a black, dark green and a medium green eyeshadow shade. This will act out as our eyeliner. Apply it from the midsection of your upper and lower lash line making your way out.

9. Apply highlighter or a white eyeshadow shade on the inner corners of your eyes. This will open up your eyes and make it appear bigger.

10. Apply a black eyeliner as close to your upper lash line as possible.

11. Re-intensify the black, dark green and the medium green mixture of eyeshadow shades (refer to step 8) on your upper and lower lash line. Winged it if you will.

12. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

13. Fill in your eyebrows.

14. Apply highlighter or white eyeshadow shade under your eyebrows. This will visually expand the eye area, creating the illusion of larger eyes.


1. Contour the nose and apply highlighter or a white eyeshadow shade on the nose bridge. This will create the illusion of a long narrow nose.

2. Contour the face too. I like to contour mine to minimize its roundness.

3. Make your cheeks flush. Apply a light shade blush on because the eyes are so intense.


1. Apply nude lipstick and a sheer lip gloss. Think about balancing everything out. Your eyes are very intense and we don't want to overwhelm the overall look on the face.

So we're done. Enjoy!