Review: Maybelline Stilleto Packset

Maybelline Stilleto Packset Product Review

Maybelline Stiletto packet is yet another nifty innovation from Maybelline. The set includes waterproof mascara and a makeup remover for lips and eyes. I bought it for $18.90 SGD which I think is good enough for a mascara and a makeup remover in one set.


Maybelline's long extreme mascara promises to make one's lashes appear longer and I would totally agree with their claim. I do notice how my lashes appear longer after application.

Maybelline Stilleto Packset Product ReviewI love its long handle as it's easy for me to apply the product on my lashes compared to short ones. Its fine bristles don't clump on my lashes.

I also love the fact that it's waterproof as I'll be away from home for a long time and I don't like to do retouches when I'm out. So it's necessary for me because unexpected things might happen and I don't want to be moving around showing off melting mascara. Eeeewww!!

The only concern I have with the product is that it doesn't make my lashes appear fuller. I won't recommend this for ladies with thin lashes. Go for volumizing mascara instead.

Maybelline Stilleto Packset Product Review
  • long handle for easy application on the lashes
  • makes the lashes appear longer
  • fine bristles that won't clump on the lashes
  • waterproof

  • thin coat


The makeup remover that comes along with the mascara has a good resemblance to that of l'oreal's. This effectively removes the stiletto long extreme waterproof mascara from the lashes as well as the eyeshadows & eyeliners applied on the eyes. I haven't noticed this makeup remover sold separately though but I love it.


All in all, it's a good product and I would definitely recommend this product for every fashionista out there.