Review: Kiss Beauty 12 Shimmer Eyeshadow

Girls love to use makeup to enhance one’s appearance. Some would like to apply these to boost their self-esteem, most to be adored and admired, and for others, it's simply their hobby or passion.


I’m not a pro when it comes to makeup. I started to develop my interest in makeup during one of my church group meetings for women. Ahahah!! They had topics like that too. A few days or weeks after that, I started to collect my own set of brushes and cosmetics.


This product is one of the few eye makeup palettes I bought at a mall in Cebu. It only cost Php59. Ahahaha!!

The saleslady told me this product is made from China. I didn’t bother to care since I’m still a newbie and would like to use it for practice purposes.
The first time I opened the palette, the smell suddenly caught me because it smelled like baby powder. And the colors captured my eyes since it’s shimmery and highly pigmented.


I picked it up because it's cheap and highly pigmented. At first application, I feel its a bit itchy but I was not sure at first if it comes from this product cause I also applied other eyeshadow shades from a different palette.

Also, I immediately cleanse my face after I felt it. I continued to use it for a few days, I even applied it to my cousin’s eyes on events until this particular photo shoot. The day was a bit windy so the particles contacted my eyes and caused irritation. The nurse told me that healing would take 2 weeks, so no make up for the next two weeks.


After that incident, it was too late for me to realize that its important to invest in brands that you trust. I decided to throw it away and swear to never buy products again that don’t carry a decent brand.


wouldn't recommend you guys to buy this product even for practice purposes. Be careful and mindful of what products you buy for your face. Be choosy and picky and buy only trusted brands so as to avoid allergies, irritations, and itchiness.

So ladies, apply only products that you trust.