Shopping Rules to Live by for the Budget-Conscious Chic

That happy feeling when you go shopping and bagged an awesome deal. You just can't help but brag your latest aisle/online shopping expedition to your friends, right? Ah, I wish we could get huge savings every time we shop.

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Shopping Rules to Live By

Anyways, I do make me shopping rules to live by. I'm a budget-conscious mommy. I know I need it. Here it is:

  • Clothes & Accessories - I buy it cheap and affordable. Preferably, less than $50. You get elated a few days after your purchase but after that, the feeling is gone. So, you itch for more. Haha! (I know, my wallet is scared.) That's why I buy it cheap and/or affordable. I love awesome deals/sales too. Who doesn't, right?

  •  Bags & Wallets - Medium to luxe. By that, I mean $50 and up. Some women consider bags as an investment piece. Personally, I define investment as something that appreciates in value not depreciates. (#myOpinion) Anyway, this could be a splurge item for you. ;)

  • Shoes - Affordable to Medium. Preferably, $20, could be less, to $150. (By the way, you can find gems on clearance racks.) I do splurge occasionally even though my wallet protests. Haha! I feel like, shoes are more damage-prone compared to bags. That's why I stick to medium-priced shoes.
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Online Shop for the Budget-Conscious

Now, let me share with you a shop I've found online called They sell cheap fashion. It's really affordable like you can get items for less than $5. But don't expect much from the quality. You get what you pay for. That's how life operates.

So if you're a budget-conscious chic, looking for cheap fashion alternatives. You might want to check this online shop out. ;)