How to Talk to Anyone by Modern Psychology Publishing | Book Review

Shyness is a liability. Ouch! Nobody wants to pinpoint your weakness to you, right? I don't like it either but I'm guilty as charged!

You may not realize it, but blatantly avoiding conversation with people may give off an impression of arrogance. This is what it's saying to the other, "I don't like you at all".

I get it, this is not what you mean. You're innocent! However, this could yield a negative impact on your rapport.

People won't know what's going on inside of you until you express them. Just say hi anyway and break the ice!

How to Talk to Anyone by Modern Psychology Publishing Book Review
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3 Practical Tips from How to Talk to Anyone

  • If you can find enough common ground to focus on your similarities and not your differences, you will build enough rapport with them
  • If you receive a compliment, accept it graciously with a “Thank you, you are kind to say so” and move on, but don’t match their compliment with one of your own. Remember--you want to be sincere.
  • In an argument, people are focusing on what is different about them, not what is the same. By finding your commonalities you can show the other person that you are not two members of opposing teams with the goal of “winning” over each other, but simply two people whose ideas on some subjects differ.

What I've shared above are 3 of the 21 Tips for Instant Rapport. The rest? You can find them below! Click the image link below!

How to Talk to Anyone Book Review

I love how practical it is! You can immediately apply the tips given for socializing. I wonder why this isn't taught in school. It's as important as sugar! I highly recommend it!


I hope you find this short book review of How to Talk to Anyone: 21 Tips for Instant Rapport by Modern Psychology Publishing helpful. Don't forget to grab your copy from the image link above!

You have an awesome day then! See you in my next book review! ;)