Monogram Gold Necklace: My ETSY Experience

After putting much thought on what to get for my Catalyst Discipleship graduation, I've decided to get me a monogram gold necklace from ETSY. This serves as a maker on what God has done in our lives through the Catalyst season.

Monogram Gold Necklace: My ETSY Experience

Our Son's Initials on my Heart

For more than a year, I've struggled to get pregnant. I thought God has completely forgotten about me. But He is faithful. He always is.

The moment I've decided to let go of my desperation for a baby to our Lord. The time when my heart was fully rested on Him, our little bundle of joy came. 

I vividly remember the feeling we had back then when we found out that we're pregnant. Oh, what joy our little blessing brought to our hearts.

Monogram Gold Necklace: My ETSY Experience

My ETSY Experience

This monogram 18k gold necklace is my first buy from ETSY. I got it from INITIALNECKLACES. The transaction went on smoothly. The seller is prompt enough to contact me with order clarifications. Processing and delivery time took 2 weeks from Hong Kong.

Monogram Gold Necklace Review

I've had my monogram gold necklace made for $39.95 USD. It is handmade, made of sterling silver plated with 18k gold.

  • Affordable. You can order this necklace from ETSY for less than $50. Price varies depending on the size of your pendant and color.
  • So many sizes and color options to choose from. The seller offers pendant sizes from 0.8" to 2.5".  Available color options are 18K gold, rose gold, white gold, and silver.
  • Smooth transaction and fast delivery, given that it came all the way from Hong Kong.
  • This monogram necklace comes with an extender which you can adjust accordingly.
  • I'm happy with the finished product given the price. If you're looking for a higher-end finish, then be ready to cash out more.
  • This monogram necklace is handmade. That means, no two necklaces are the same.

  • The only thing I have on this monogram necklace is that the chain is a little bit thin. So I had to be careful when wearing it.

Overall, I'm happy with my first experience buying from ETSY. Yes, I'll be using the service again.