Lost Civilizations: 10 Societies that Vanished without a Trace by Michael Rank | Book Review

I'm mystified. I love the history, the mystery, and the intrigue of the ancient past. Do you ever wonder how societies are born? How about the enigma surrounding the demise of these once-great great civilizations?

Fascinating, huh? No wonder I'm drawn to the subject. Do you like the mysterious too?
In Michael Rank's Lost Civilizations: 10 Societies that Vanished Without a Trace, we'll be looking at the riddle surrounding the death of these 10 societies mentioned in the book.

Lost Civilizations Book Review

Book Review

This book is a short read. You can do it in one sitting. The reader is introduced to the lost civilizations one by one. Some are familiar, some are unheard of.

Let's test what you know then. The mystical city of Atlantis? Familiar? You bet! How about Cucuteni-Trypillian? Nope, never heard of it! The name is hard to pronounce too. I agree! I'm with you.

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What You'll Find...

In the book, the author recounts how these once-thriving civilizations left behind ornate buildings, intelligently engineered roads, and aqueducts.

He also remarked how advanced they were in their own time which puzzles the great minds of today. (Well, that could be because we don't acknowledge them for their brilliance. The human mind is amazing after all!)

And of course, the mystery behind their demise without leaving a trace.

Is the Mystery Solved?

I do appreciate how the author gives us an overview and a compact summary of the 10 lost civilizations investigated in the book. However, it's not enough to satiate one's curiosity. No hard evidence is given on how these ancient groups of technologically advanced people disappeared into the annals of history.

After reading the book, the mystery remains... well, a mystery still. The author did give his speculations on how they meet their end, but at the same time throws these same questions back to the readers. Geez, this left me all the more mystified!


In Conclusion

If you're into history, mystery, and intrigue this book is what you're looking for. It's only a few pages so it's a short read. However, this won't satisfy your curiosity. It didn't with mine.

You'll be introduced to these 10 lost civilizations but you'll never know what happened that lead to their disappearance, where they are now, and how they vanished without a trace.

And the mystery will remain a mystery!


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