History's Most Insane Rulers by Michael Rank | Book Review

Have you heard of the Roman Emperor who appointed his horse as Senator? How about the King who thought he is made of glass?

For real? I'm surprised to learn about this myself! Thanks to Michael Rank's book, History's Most Insane Rulers.

This just shows crazy people can be found everywhere. It didn't spare the throne or the most powerful leadership position of the land. Insanity doesn't discriminate!

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History's Most Insane Rulers Book Review

Second Book From the Author

This is the second book I've read from the author. I have to say, he has a knack for naming book titles. It grabs people's attention!

Here's the first book review I did from Michael Rank, Lost Civilizations: 10 Societies that Vanished Without a Trace. Do you believe me now? It's another attention-grabbing book title, right?

The Horse, The Glass, and The Insane Obsession

Let's chat a little bit about some of these 'insane' rulers introduced in the book. Like seriously? How could these people hold the most powerful position in the land?

One of them is Caligula, the Roman Emperor who appointed his horse as Senator.

Another is Charles VI of France who thought he is made of glass at one point in his life. He resolved to wear thick clothing to protect himself. He even went as far as instructing his guests to tiptoe so he won't shatter to pieces! :D

If that wasn't eccentric enough, allow me to introduce Sultan Ibrahim I of the Ottoman Empire. He got obsessed with large figured women. To that point that he commanded his advisors to find him the fattest woman in the world to add to his harem.

And guess what? They did. The Sultan is head over heels! He even gave her his ear on the Empire's political matters.

It makes one wonder, were they really insane? Or did they deliberately do these antics to annoy someone?

History's Most Insane Rulers Book Review

This book is a short read. You can finish it in one sitting. The reader is presented with 10 of history's insane rulers from the Roman period to Modern times.

You'll get a bird's eye view of their life story, how they came to power, the things they did, how they meet their end, and of course, their eccentric and outrageous behaviors. Ten real stories from ten real people!

Although, I don't agree with some of the personalities included in the list, notably those in the modern era. I regard them as power-hungry individuals motivated by greed or selfish ambitions.

Rating: 4/5

In Conclusion

It's an interesting read! It won't get in-depth with each of the 10 'insane' rulers named in the book but good enough to get informed.

Want to know who the rest of the 'insane' rulers are? Grab your copy of History's Most Insane Rulers by Michael Rank here. CLICK the image link below!

There you go, friend! I hope my book review of History's Most Insane Rulers: Lunatics, Eccentrics, and Megalomaniacs from Emperor Caligula to Kim Jung II by Michael Rank is helpful.

What do you think? Will you be reading this book? I hope so! You have an awesome day then! See you in my next book review! ;)