Makeup Lesson: The School of Makeup Singapore Free Public Seminar

Last May 13, 2011 the School of Make Up Singapore offers a free public seminar conducted by Peter Angel Wanneck. The highlights of the seminar are make up demonstration, tips on effective personal makeup, tips on common makeup mistakes, talk on current makeup trends and get to know the makeup courses offered by the shool.

Upon my arrival, I filled up the attendance form and they gave me the following freebies: school of make up bag, eyeliner brush, nail nutrition daily growth treatment, nail file, balancing cleansing beauty oil,
eyebrow shaping voucher for only 5 SGD

and make up courses the school offers.

The inclusion in my bag is so cool. I love it so much! (sorry the photo is so small I cannot stretch it out anymore)

When the make up demonstration started, Peter Angel called a lady with a hooded eye type. Part of the demonstration shows the audience how to make her eyes appear larger. He put a tape (don't fret, it's a cosmetic tape) on her eyelids and her eyes instantly appears bigger. I don't know what that tape is made of but it can be bought on their store for 2.50 SGD and take note it is eyeshadow compatible.


I was seated at the back of the room since I was late but there are still important tips I have noted.

#Tip: Smokey eyes doesn't mean applying eyeshadow with dark colors. Ei? I was a bit guilty with this. I really thought that way before. I usually apply black and gray eyeshadow colors to make my eyes appear smokey (as I've perceived it) and I was totally wrong! Thanks to Peter Angel for correcting me on that one.

#Tip: Applying eye make up is not merely applying eyeshadow.

#Tip: If your nose tips is NOT that SHARP then outline a curve lips. Distinguish the end of your nose if its sharp or not (mine is not). By outlining the lips it  brings in more definition to your nose.

#Tip: If the eye makeup is applied heavily then make your lips glossy. This is to balance out the look of your makeup.

#Tip: There is no such thing as day and night make up. So you mean when  night time comes you need to change you makeup? Definitely not, you can stick to the make up you are wearing or perhaps  do a retouch.

#Tip: Eyeliner and Mascara are important because this enhances the eyeshadow and bring more definition to the eyes. Totally agree!!

I had a great time attending the seminar. I enjoyed it for the fact that its free plus they also gave away freebies. More importantly I learned a lot from the makeup tips they shared.