How To Apply Basic Eye Makeup

"Makeup is daunting!", I thought. When I see a beautiful woman who looks put together (yes, with full makeup on), I'd always wanted to be just like her. Gosh, why is it so hard? There are so many colors to choose from. Where do I start?

One time, a colleague & friend invited me to a woman's group at her church. At that particular meeting, they talk about makeup. I was captivated. Gosh, they are so rich they can afford makeup! I was so broke I couldn't even afford a KFC meal. Lol. From there I learned the basics.

I bought a cheap makeup set so I could practice the steps handed out at that meeting. (Okay, please don't do this. I was broke I couldn't be bothered. If you can, please buy decent ones, okay? Pinky promise?)

Here I'm sharing it with you those steps on 'How to Apply Basic Eye Makeup'.

How To Apply Basic Eye Makeup

Let's start off with a makeup tip. When applying the basics, remember to use these 3 shades (dark, medium, and light).

I like eyeshadow quads because they are so easy to use. (This is when I can finally afford them.) This one comes with a guide on what colors to apply where. Here's an affordable eyeshadow quad for practice.

I recommend going for neutral colors for everyday use. Other options below.

How To

Preparation: Apply eye primer (optional). This prevents your eyeshadow from creasing, particularly the powdered ones. Doing so makes the eyeshadow colors look more vibrant. They also last longer.

Here's another makeup tip: You can also use your face primer or base instead of an eye primer.

1. Apply the light eyeshadow color on your entire eyelid. 

2. Apply the dark eyeshadow color on the outer corner of the eye. Think of drawing a letter "C" on the outer corner of your eye.

3. Apply the medium eyeshadow on the crease. 

4. Blend the light eyeshadow and the dark eyeshadow shade using the medium eyeshadow shade. 

Note: Steps 2 and 3 can also be applied to hooded eyelids and mono lids. Instead of following the crease follow where your eye socket is. That means applying the colors a little higher from the eyes. Another way is by applying the dark shade close to the lash line and medium shade in between the dark and light shade. 

"The secret of applying eyeshadow is in the blending. 
Take your time to blend, blend, blend, and enjoy the process."

5. Highlight your brows and the inner corner of your eyes. Use the light eyeshadow color. Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes gives the illusion of bigger and wider eyes.

6. Apply eyeliner on the upper eyelids. Make it as close to the lash line as possible. This creates an illusion of fuller lashes. Wing it if you will.

7. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. 

8. Continue applying makeup on the rest of your face.

Note: If you're going for a heavy eye makeup look (intense/bold eyeshadow colors), apply glossy or light lip color. Otherwise, if your lip shade is bold, go light on your eye makeup. This is what you call creating harmony, my friends. 

You can add or make adjustments afterward. Remember to keep everything balanced. Don't overdo it!


I was grateful to be invited to that meeting. Somehow I've figured it out. I can finally say I've learned how to apply basic eye makeup. Yay! Was it easy? It takes practice.

Yes, it can be daunting if you're doing it blindly. Thank goodness, there is plenty of help everywhere. There's no more excuse for why you can't. Now, my problem is time. Lol!

Why don't you try the steps above and see for yourself how you like it? I hope you find it helpful just as I do. Let me know your experience in the comment section below. I love reading them. Talk to you soon then. ;)

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