DIY: Makeup Brush Shampoo

I find that buying a makeup brush shampoo is not economical given that you have to clean up your makeup brushes either every day, once a week or every 2 weeks. Good if you use your makeup brushes less than expected and do cleaning once a month or have lots of $$$. But I'm the practical lady here so I'm into DIY (Do it Yourself) stuffs.

What I've Tried Before

I've heard and read online of the use of normal hair shampoo to wash your makeup brushes so I did just that but the bristles of the brush became so dry. I also tried to blow dry them and it got damaged so I have to throw it away. What a waste.

The reason I wanted to do DIY is that most of the makeup brush shampoo I've looked into is very expensive given that I have to use it that often. For me, it's not that practical. I keep on doing research and finally, I've found my own way to clean my brushes.

DIY: Makeup Brush Shampoo
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What You Need

+ Dishwashing Liquid antibacterial. I don't think I need to explain this but yes this is used to kill all those bacterias collected on your makeup brushes.

+ Olive oil. I know you have heard of the many benefits of using olive oil on your hair. When we wash our makeup brushes the bristles tend to dry out so we will add olive oil to nourish it back and recondition the bristles.

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+ Hair Conditioner (optional). I love to add a hair conditioner in my DIY (do it yourself) makeup brush shampoo mixture because of the scent and the softness it gives to my own hair so I wanted my makeup brush to have that too. By the way, I'm using Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Conditioner.

Mix all the ingredients in a small flat container (I prefer using a plate). Fill in the whole container with the dishwashing liquid and pour only a few drops of olive oil and conditioner with it. Now you have your own DIY makeup brush shampoo.

Credits to Michelle Phan for sharing her DIY makeup brush shampoo.