How to Apply the Tropical Makeup Look

Last weekend, I was daydreaming about going to the beach. The clear blue sky, the sparkling water, the white sands and the gentle sea breeze are so vivid on my imagination. And because of that, I've decided to put them into my eyes. Ahaha! Not bad. So I came up with this makeup look which I call the tropical makeup look.

How to Apply the Tropical Makeup Look


In this tutorial, I'll be assuming that you have applied your face primer, foundation, concealers and setting powder.

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1. First, prime your eyes.

2. Apply a lime green eyeshadow shade to 2/3rds of your upper eyelids starting from the inner corners.

3. Apply an ocean blue eyeshadow shade on the remaining 1/3rd of your upper eyelids.

4. Apply a sky blue eyeshadow shade in between the lime green and ocean blue eyeshadow shades.

5. Take a blending brush and blend the application making your way out. This will create a gradient effect afterward.

4. Apply a deep blue eyeshadow shade on the outer corners of your eyes and don't forget to blend.

5. Apply black eyeliner on your upper and lower lashline. Winged it if you will. For the lower lash line apply the black eyeliner till the middle section starting from the outer lash line.

6. Apply white eyeliner on your waterline.

7. Curl your lashes.

8. Apply mascara.

9. Fill in your brows. Draw from the sides of your brows and fill it in by smudging the lines drawn inwards. You can also use a brow powder to fill it in.

10. Contour your face and your nose.

11. Apply highlighter to your nose bridge.

12. Apply a lighter shade blush on.

13. Apply sheer lip color.

Now you're done. What do you think of this makeup look? Let me know.