Review : Color Combos Aqua Shine Lipstick

December 26, 2013

I'll be sharing my thoughts on Color Combos Aqua Shine Lipstick which I brought from Sasa. Photo from the left is Color Combos Aqua Shine Lipstick 03 and on the right one is Color Combos Aqua Shine Lipstick 04.


  • Color Combos Aqua Shine Lipstick is so pliable that it blends instantly once you apply to lips, leaving lips watery and supple. 
  • Mica miro-grains dress up your lips with diamond sparkle.


Apply directly on lips. Repeated application creates fuller and more watery lips. Or use after applying lipstick.


  • Comes with many color varieties in store
  • Sheer shades (I love sheer lipsticks)
  • Cheap. I bought mine on sale. I paid $9++ SGD for 2 lipsticks.
  • Its a bit glossy and comes with some glitters on it.
  • Glides easily when applied
  • Gives you watery and supple lips

  • I don't like the smell. It's some kind of oil scent but I really cannot figure it out.
  • It doesn't give full coverage.
  • The product melts easily. I put mine inside my bag and it melted. Now, I had to be careful when I apply the product because the whole thing might break. Its best to keep it in a cool dry place.
  • I don't think it would last long because of its watery texture. I would give it at most 2 hours before reapplying it again. That's just my thoughts since I didn't allow this lipstick to sit for a long time on my lips because I really cannot stand the smell.

Here's a swatch.

And here's how it looks on my lips.


I really cannot stand its smell. Sorry but this lipstick does not pass. I don't recommend it at all.

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