What's your Jogging Attire?

What got you started? For me, it was after a bad break up. I gained carelessly eating my sorrows away. Truth is, I envy curvy ladies rocking their amazing frames. They know how to accentuate their figures well and dress up their body size.

Me, nah!, because of my petite stature and round facial feature, my face noticeably gains along with the rest of my body. You could immediately tell from a distance if you knew me from before I bulked up.

I don't mind the extra weight as long as my face remains as is, sadly, everything expands for me. Is this true for you?

The good news is I live in Singapore, where the weather is always a perfect day to burn those troublesome fats away (unless it's raining cats and dogs) and parks and trails are conveniently accessible.

You'll only need a good pair of running shoes, proper attire and lots of determination to take the first steps.

Here I'll be sharing my list of Jogging Outfit Ideas for hot and humid climates. Scroll down!

jogging outfit ideas

one  |  This Nike sports bra is lightweight for high impact activities. It has a High-heat zone feature, which means targeted ventilation when the workout heats up. Ain't it perfect for Singapore's hot and humid weather? If you prefer a cute feminine color, I'd recommend this one.

two  |  I admit it's a bit uncomfy wearing one but it's necessary for small trinkets like HDB (apartment) keys, face towel, and other stuff.

three  |  Here's another lightweight sports bra from Adidas. It wicks away sweat from your skin so you stay dry and comfortable.

four  |  Nike's running shoes last forever. This brand is a personal favorite of my jogging needs. Since this color is too cute to get dirty, I'd prefer to wear this on weekends wandering around Orchard. Haha! I know this should be for jogging right?

fix  |   How many times do you jog in a week? I do it at least twice a weak whether in dry weather or after a rainfall. You could imagine how dirty and worn out my shoes can get. If you're like me, jogging at least twice a week no matter the soil conditions, pick this color. This shade is perfect at hiding away dust and dirt.

six  |  This Nike Dry Tempo shorts features a Dri-FIT™ technology that wicks perspiration away from the body and towards the surface where it can evaporate. Cool, eh?

seven  |  I like how flattering this running tight shorts is. It boasts a dryCELL moisture-wicking technology, flatlock stitching for reduced chafing and reflective items for enhanced low-light visibility.

eight  |  If #7 is too short for you, how about picking this cycling shorts from Adidas?

nine  |  This short-sleeve shirt claims to have an anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. Here's another interesting peculiarity, this has a mineral-infused fabric which absorbs & reflects the energy your body emits, improving endurance. Pretty interesting how that works!

ten  |  Of course! You'd bring your phone with you when you jog, don't you? I jog alone. It's necessary for me to bring mine so I could contact the hubby. We go for dinner at the nearest hawker in our area after completing my route. Don't like the design? Here's another option for you.

eleven  |  You can never go wrong with muscle tees. It allows the skin to breathe after a nice jog.

So what's Your Jogging Attire? For me, because I live in hot and humid Singapore, I'd make sure to wear a good fitting sports bra, athletic shorts, excellent running shoes for impact, and a sweat-wicking shirt or muscle tee.

My pick from the list is this one, one of its features got me curious. Now your turn. What's your pick from the list above?

Whether you're starting out or a veteran at jogging, I hope the list above is helpful. You have an awesome day then! Talk to you soon. :)

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