Hike the Southern Ridges: Things To Do in Singapore

I was overcome with boredom last weekend. The hubby is on a business trip to France, "I wish I could have gone traveling with him." Unfortunately, that's too late now.

How about going on a local adventure alone. Hmm... where should I go? Let's hike the Southern Ridges to Vivo City. That's a good idea!

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world to visit, I'd highly recommend for families with young children, women who travel alone, people who want to enjoy their retirement years traveling.

I live here for 3 years now and never once in my life did I feel threatened. Other than being safe, the commute is convenient, buses and trains are on time and the map is accurate. Here's what locals used to navigate from one place to another.

What are we waiting for, let's begin our hike at the Southern Ridges...

The Southern Ridges: Things To Do in Singapore

The Southern Ridges

The Southern Ridges is a ten-kilometer stretch of green open spaces spanning the hills of some of Singapore’s most popular parks and gardens, connected by picturesque ridges and pathways. [source]

It'll take about 3-5 hours to walk the entire stretch. But I didn't travel the entire path, simply because my bus stop is at Hort Park. Let's start from there then.

1, 2, 3 Go

Hort Park to Henderson Waves is about a 2.2 km walk. The trail is safe and directions could be found in every corner. I know because I did this alone. I didn't even meet anyone until I reached the Henderson Waves.

You'll also notice precautions along the way, informing you what to do in case you'll encounter wild monkeys.

Look, there's greenery below! We're now in the Forest Walk.

The Southern Ridges: Things To Do in Singapore
The Southern Ridges: Things To Do in Singapore
The Southern Ridges: Things To Do in Singapore

The Henderson Waves

Woohoo, we made it!

Mount Faber

Let's continue to our next destination. From Henderson Waves, it'll take about 5 minutes to reach Mount Faber.

Phew, I'm out of breath! That's one good hike up for the heart.

Tip: There's an area in the pathway leading up where you can get a nice view of the neighborhood's skyline. Sorry, I don't have one.

We're here! Oh, I never thought I'd see Merlion on Mount Faber.

The Southern Ridges: Things To Do in Singapore

The Marang Trail

Time to head to Vivo City.

To get to Vivo City from Mount Faber by foot, use the Marang Trail. Uhm, actually, it's quite scary to walk the Marang trail alone after dark.

Peeking through tall trees is a roof of a deserted mansion. Nearby, lurking in the bushes is an abandoned cemetery.

The sun is about to retire for the day, no lamp posts were in sight, the sounds of insects and leaves dancing to the tune of the wind seem louder.

The uproar of the elements at dusk toy with one's imagination. I believed I've doubled my pace, no tripled, I suppose I ran, to get myself out of there fast. Haha! Truly, the Marang Trail is not for the faint of heart!

The Southern Ridges: Things To Do in Singapore
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Phew, quite the adventure hiking the Southern Ridges! That's how weekends should be spent to cure boredom. ;) 

Now, I'm hungry. Time to find food in Vivo City.


There you go, friend. I hope you had fun with our photo hike at the Southern Ridges. You have an awesome day then! Talk to you soon.

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