How to Do the Winged Eyeliner

I love how this look gives definition to the eyes. I prefer this look especially when I want to skip the eyeshadow part because it still delivers a flattering look.

It doesn't have to be complicated when you do this. Its very easy and simple. It's my go to look whenever I'm in a hurry and most of the time I am.


1. Start by drawing a line on the outer corners of your eyes using an eyeliner brush for gel liner or eye pencil. This line should connect to the natural outline of your lower lash line.

2. Draw the rest of the of the line on your upper eyelid connecting to the line you just made on the outer corner of your eye. The inner corner should be thinner and thicker on the outer corner.

3. Fill it in with your black eyeliner. Build it up if you want the outer corner to be more thicker.

4. Do the wing. Connect it from the edge of the line you just draw from the outer corner of your eye.

5. If you want your eyes to pop, don't apply eyeliner on your waterline but below it where your lashes are. Apply the black eyeliner only half of your lower lash line from the outer corner of you eye. (Optional) Take a white eyeshadow or highlighter and apply it on your remaining lower lash line starting from the inner corner. Apply this on your tear ducts too.

6. (Optional) If you want the look to be bolder, then top it up with a liquid eyeliner.

That's it! Proceed with your usual makeup routine and you're ready to go.

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