How to Wear an Oversized Top

When buying clothes I always prefer oversized tops because its comfortable and I find it very good at hiding some unwanted stuffs in the body (especially baby fats).

Here are some tips on how to wear one.


1. Tuck it in. This is the most common thing women do to style their oversized tops. I prefer to tuck mine at the front part and let the other parts flow. I find it stylish that way. I saw other fashionistas tucking it in at either to their left/right front side. Its very stylish, I must say. How would you tuck yours?

2. Wear a belt. Its like magic. One moment its oversized the next its figure flattering.

Photo from polyvore

Check out how Vanessa accessorized and wore the boyfriend shirt.

3. Balance things out. Wear leggings or tight skinny jeans. Don't wear overall sized clothes else you'll end up looking heavier.

5. Tie it up to a knot.

Photo from polyvore

6. Wear a blazer on top of it. This is an added style to your office look.

Photo from polyvore

Notice how the lady tuck her oversized tee in the photo above.

7. Use it as an outer garment like a vest or cover up. Great for summers.

8. Accessorized the part. You can either wear statement necklaces or patterned leggings or statement shoes. Don't be afraid to experiment with your style.

This is how I wore mine.

How about you? How would you wear your oversized top?