Oh, My Favorite SKECHERS!

When I hear the word 'Skechers', physical activity would automatically come to mind. I was actually surprised to find their cute and edgy designs. Like, really? Hhmm.. let's find that out below.


Personally, I'd prefer wearing high heels because I'm petite. But wearing them the whole day can become very uncomfortable especially when you're living in Singapore. But who says heels are a must? Yes, they'll add a few inches to your height but sometimes you have to compromise. Shoes without those cheat-sheet-inches could also flatter petite frames. It's just a matter of dressing it up and wearing them with confidence.

Now we're going to take a peek at some of the designs Skechers offers (these are all my personal favorites). I'll also be giving you ideas on how to wear them.

Casual Outfit Ideas

Okay first up is the Women's Bikers - Impromptu Mary Janes

I'm in love with this shoe design because it can be worn with many different looks. Below are the outfit ideas, I've curated.

Casual Outfit Ideas

This shoe style is great for shopping, date with the boyfriend, chill with friends, and a go-to-look for travel day outfit. You can wear it to the office too. Ah, it looks so comfy.

Casual Outfit Ideas
Women's Bobs

I've heard that this design is so lightweight and comfortable. How would you wear them?

For my personal style, I would throw in blue skinny jeans, loose vertical striped blouse, and some cool vintage glasses perfect for the whole day affair.

Casual Outfit Ideas

Women's Daddy's Money: Gimme - Lone Star High Top Shoes

I'm already falling in love with this shoe style. I like the cute studded accents and the star design on this shoes. But wait there's still more. It has a 2-inch-wedge-heel inside. Like what?! Seriously?! So you mean Skechers also sells shoes with heels? That's a big 'YES'. Yay!! That's amazing.


Casual Outfit Ideas

Women's Bikers - Proposal Mary Janes

So I saw this picture of Jessica Alba wearing this cute maxi dress, denim vest with a scarf on it. And I was like, 'This shoe style is perfect to recreate her look'. What do you think?

Casual Outfit Ideas

More styles.

Casual Outfit Ideas

Women's Liberties - Bowery shoe

I would pair this casual ballet flats with a long knitted sweater, skinny pants, bow stud earrings, and an aviator sunnies. I love the color combination I have put up for this look. Feminine style is my style.

Casual Outfit Ideas

Women's SKCH Plus 3 - Shorty Casual Wedges

It just keeps getting better. This baby has a hidden-3-inch-heels inside.

For this shoe style, I would rock an edgy-chic-look. So I paired it up with a fringe crop top, distressed denim shorts, vest, and polka dot tights.

Casual Outfit Ideas

Women's Gratis - Legendary Slip-On Sneakers

This shoe style is very sporty. Because of the pink accents on the shoe, I matched it up with a pink sleeve baseball jacket, a pleated gray skirt, and a big bag with pink handles.

Casual Outfit Ideas

Time to bring in the pastels.

Casual Outfit Ideas

Women's Liberties - Red Carpet Ballet Flats

The name itself simply implies that this shoe style is perfect for the parties.

I paired it up with gradient bandage dress, clutch bag, and stud earrings. This style is also perfect for a date night look, would you just agree with me?

Casual Outfit Ideas

Women's Modiste - Wild Chick Wedge Sandals

This style is perfect for beach day.

Threw in an adorable bikini, chiffon cover-up, a lovely beach hat, starfish ring, floppy hat, bangles, and a body bag. Ah, time to head to the beach.

Casual Outfit Ideas

And last but not the least is the Women's SKCH Plus 3 - High and Mighty Ankle Boots

This style also comes with a 3-inch-hidden-wedge. Love, love love. Pair it up with beige studded boyfriend sweater, denim shorts, stud earrings, and a fringe tote and you're ready to rock!

Casual Outfit Ideas


These shoes are very laid back and comfortable. I was honestly amazed that Skechers also offers chic and fashionable designs. I love the styles and I want them all. Looking for shoes when traveling is not a problem anymore. They also have comfortable heels. <3<3<3 Talk about comfort, durability, and style all in one.

How about you? Which shoe design would you pick and how would you style it up? Let me know them too in the comment section below. :D