Unboxing the Louis Vuitton 20MM Reversible Belt

Although I owned LouisVuitton bags, thisthis, and this, never once had I purchased an item in-store due to the 2020-2022 lockdowns. All of them were bought on their official website

The month of August caused me so much stress due to the layoffs. Read here. Sadly, half of my team is gone. My plate overflowed with tasks, and keeping up with them seemed impossible. To ensure my mental and emotional health remains in a good state, I offload by taking afternoon walks. 

(Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful I'm still on the payroll. But some things do affect us. Whenever I start to take notice of imbalances in my life, I deal with them so they don't erupt without warning.)

Moving on... now that the dust had settled, I decided to reward myself with something nice. Not bags. Those are reserved for special occasions. This time, I'm getting a belt.

Unboxing Louis Vuitton 20MM Reversible Belt

Side Story

My first experience stepping into an LV store is in Singapore. Thankfully, no SA(Sales Assistant) approach to ask what I wanted. I don't look like I'm buying anyway. I was just a passerby -- heart beating in my eyes -- on all the glittery objects on the shelves.

The second is in Austin, Texas. I wanted to check what a Speedy or Alma looks like in person. Not to handle them. Just look behind the counter. Less than 5 minutes after I step in, an SA ask if I need help with anything.

Taken aback I responded with "Thank you for asking. I was just browsing." I left quickly after that as if a dog was chasing me out to safety.

At that time, I felt so unworthy of owning an LV bag. You see, I grew up poor. It's no surprised my mind was programmed with the poverty mindset. Thankfully, our beginnings don't determine our destination.

Fast forward to the present, I'm grateful I could own an LV. When I work, I give my all. I do overtime without pay. I study in my free time to remain sharp. I don't depend on a man to obtain anything for me. There's no reason why I don't deserve to get paid for all the effort. It may sound arrogant but it is what it is. 

If you want to have more, you have to become more. 
~Jim Rohn

Unboxing Louis Vuitton 20MM Reversible Belt

First Experience Buying in Store

When I came into the Louis Vuitton Ogilvy store in Montreal, I was a bit more confident compared to how I acted in the past. There I met my wonderful SA, Hilris. Though the belt I wanted was out of stock, she made sure it'll arrive on my doorstep the next week. 

She also applied the tax rate in my home province Ontario, not Quebec. 

The service is first class. I was offered water in a glass bottle while there. Wow, I never knew luxury stores do that.

After my little adventure, I meet up with my husband, who was waiting for me at a coffee shop. I told him everything that transpired. Noticing the difference in my countenance after I came back, he commented, "They must have given you miracle water your face is glowing." Haha.

Unboxing Louis Vuitton 20MM Reversible Belt
Unboxing Louis Vuitton 20MM Reversible Belt

Unboxing the Louis Vuitton 20MM Reversible Belt

True to Hilris statement that day, my package arrived the week after. Excitement bubbled up the moment I caught a glimpse of my orange box. Opening a package from this luxury brand always feels special. Yes, every single time. They never disappoint. 

My SA is gracious enough to include freebies with my purchase too. A sample of the Dancing Blossom and Symphony fragrances. -- which don't come when you buy online.

I'm 5'1". I choose the Louis Vuitton 20MM Belt because it suits my small frame better. Love that it's reversible too. Not flashy either. I got mine in 85 CM. 

Note: Louis Vuitton won't add holes to your belt. I did mine. Glad, it turned out okay. 

Unboxing Louis Vuitton 20MM Reversible Belt

Final Thoughts

I had a fantastic time at the Louis Vuitton store in Ogilvy, Montreal. 

In fact, it's so much better to buy items with the help of a Sales Assistant than getting them on the website.

Most of the time, the item you like is not available online and it's hard to tell when they will stock up. With an SA, they will make sure to get you what you want as soon as the item becomes available.

Well then, thanks for your time visiting the blog. Have an awesome day. ;)