Unboxing The Louis Vuitton Marelle Bag in Epi Leather: A Birthday Gift To Self

Due to LV's continual price increase, I bought my birthday gift 4 months early. (0.0) Yes, I got this beauty in October while my birthday is not until the month of January. (Though it took 2 months for me to publish this post. You know posts are written weeks, even months, in advance right?)

All summer long, I wanted a white bag. Of course, it doesn't have to be from Louis Vuitton. In fact, I already own a white bag. See here. It's from the Coach X Selena Gomez Collection. 

Coach is an amazing brand too. They are super durable. And it's not a bag that I would baby. Yes, I'm all for a carefree bag, unlike this one from LV. Still, I wanted a bag that won't lose its value over time. So I gave away my white Coach bag and replaced it with the Louis Vuitton Marelle bag in Epi Leather.
 Louis Vuitton Marelle Bag in Quartz Epi Leather

Choosing the Bag

It took a while for me to find the bag that fits my requirements.
  • First, it should be in white. A staple for Spring and Summer. Great, if wearable all season long too.
  • It must be indestructible. Of course, given the price I'm willing to pay, the cost must match quality. 
  • Has a non-scratchable material.
  • Easy to maintain. You cannot get rid of color transfer concerns by buying a light-colored bag. Thus, I want a bag that is easily wipeable with alcohol-free baby wipes
  • Will not lose its value over time. Louis Vuitton products have limited stocks online and in-store. There will always be a demand for LV's in the pre-loved market. In the event I want to sell my bag, I will be able to get a return for my money or even more.

Will I find such a bag? Thankfully, LV came out with the Marelle bag made with EPI Leather. This type of material is known for its durability and easy maintenance. Epi leather is only made in France.

The bag comes with a brown pouch on the front pocket -- made of canvas material -- which makes it wearable in the winter and fall.

The Marelle has two straps: short and a long adjustable one. Both straps are removable, so does the brown pouch in the front pocket. 

But unlike its body, the straps are made of different material-soft cowhide leather. I'm thinking of applying a leather protectant on them. Another option is to buy a separate strap. 

Given the strap options, the bag can be worn in three different ways. Here's how I styled my Marelle.

Louis Vuitton Marelle Bag in Quartz Epi Leather
Louis Vuitton Marelle Bag in Quartz Epi Leather Louis Vuitton Marelle Bag in Quartz Epi Leather

With limited stocks everywhere, how did I manage to buy online?
Actually, I got all my LV's from the website: the Marelle, this one, and this. I waited almost two weeks before securing the Marelle. 

Here's my tip if you're looking to buy your bag online. Linger on the website, refresh it from time to time. I had the most success seeing available stocks in the late afternoons of Thursdays, and Fridays. I purchased mine around 5-7 pm EST time. 

Once you see the product you like available in stock, don't hesitate. Grab it quickly! That's how it works. If you don't like it, you have 30 days to return the product anyway.

Louis Vuitton Marelle Bag in Quartz Epi Leather
Louis Vuitton Marelle Bag in Quartz Epi Leather

What fits inside?
I don't carry a lot with me so I don't need big bags (for now). The Marelle fits my small wallet, face mask, this Ray-Ban sunglasses, beauty products for touch-ups like lipsticks, a gel mascara to keep unruly hair, a hand lotion, and keys.

The bag is tapered at the bottom. Quite roomy for a small, slim-looking bag. If I bring more items with me like water and snacks and whatnots, I place them in a separate tote.

Louis Vuitton Marelle Bag in Quartz Epi Leather

In summary, the Marelle bag is a luxury bag. Yes, I'm extra careful wearing it same with my other LV bags. 

I have to. As I've mentioned before, if I ever decide to sell this bag I'll get more money if kept it in pristine/good condition. Or if I decide to pass it down to my children, at least they won't get trashy-looking items from mom.

Are you looking to buy the Louis Vuitton Marelle Bag? Check it out on LV's website or click this link.