Miller's Farm and Market Pumpkin Patch: Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario in Fall

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, the husband and I are going back and forth on where we should spend our holiday. I would have wanted to go to Montreal, to behold once again the red, gold, orange colors of autumn from an elevated vantage point, at the Mount Royal Lookout (see here and here.) Or we could go to Gatineau Park since it's nearer.

Regrettably, Ontario is on tightening security due to the recent spikes of COVID-19 cases. The husband declined to cross over to Quebec, there might be checkpoints along the way. What can you do if the driver won't go? You stay at home.

Determined to do something for the long weekend, I scoured online for fun things to do in Ottawa in Fall. I found several farms in Ontario that are open for pumpkin season. Yay!

On Thanksgiving Day, we visited  Millers Farm and Market.

The entrance and parking spaces are free of charge. It was a full house during our visit, though, you won't be able to see that in the photos below. I made sure to click at the right time before families and small groups could walk in the background. I had to shoot or crop the exact angle so you'd only see the nice sections in the enhanced still frames.

Miller's Farm and Market

The farm is located at the south end of Ottawa. All over the farm were large orange pumpkins strewn about, its compact rind is unyielding, able to carry the weight of my husband sitting on top of it.

There were chickens, white and rotund, pecking food on the ground, enclosed in a wire fence. A market, where fresh produce like apples and vegetables, were appropriately displayed on the shelves, as well as seasonal decors like pumpkins, gourds, squash, straw bales, corn stalks, ornamental corn, and a large assortment of potted mums. A few steps from there, towards the center, is a shed. Its walls were made of gaping shelves, where smaller size gourds are on display.

There's also a corn maze, which cost $4 CAD per person, children under one are free. Tractor wagon rides, costing $3 CAD per person, children under one also get to ride free. 

Though fun activities were offered, we were content taking pictures of the orange spectacle adorning the scenery. Here are our captured moments at Miller's Farm and Market (website here).

Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario in Fall
Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario in Fall
Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario in Fall
Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario in Fall
Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario in Fall
Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario in Fall
Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario in Fall

For our quick outing, I decided to wear one of my Sunday's best. Weary from waiting, the husband was a little irritated. When he saw me exit the front door, he was taken aback, "Are you walking the red carpet?" He quipped. 

I laugh it out and said, "Hey, didn't I tell you I'd be wearing my nice clothes after our move to the new place." (Our previous apartment has no en-suite washer and dryer, but a common laundry area, which  ruined our clothes after several washes. Story here.)

Anyway, if you're wondering where I got this or that, here are the details of my outfit:
  • Leopard Coat from H&M
  • Franco Sarto Boots
  • Blank Printed Tunic from Zara (which unfortunately isn't visible in the photo)
  • White Crossbody Bag from Coach (no longer available, I've listed several items that might pique your interest below. This one is a favorite, you can wear it two ways either crossbody or at the waist, a belt bag. It comes in black and white.)

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Things To Do in Ottawa, Ontario in Fall

So yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to you! Well, it has officially ended, still, there are many things to be grateful for. You just have to look around you. Who knows, they might look like large orange pumpkins strewn all over the place. ;)

You have an awesome fall weekend then! ;)

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