Easy Wall Art Project Kids Could Do

Easy Wall Art Project Kids Could Do

Hey there! Are you looking for a quick and fun activity you can do with your kids at home? My 3-year-old and I did this easy-breezy wall art project one Saturday afternoon. It's straightforward and effortless, yes, even a toddler could do. Read more to find out how.

We had this frame laying around the house for a while now. It was supposed to hold the travel memorabilia I got from Montreal during our visit there in 2019. (Ah, those were the days.) Unfortunately, it wasn't the right fit -- that happens if you're too particular with aesthetic -- so I got a new one. Check out the fourth picture from this post to see how it turned out.

After our move to a new townhouse rental in August of 2020, I knew it's time to put it up. I just don't know what to put inside it. I'm a sucker for things with sentimental value. I don't mind waiting to fill our home so long as everything inside it means something. Especially now in the time of a pandemic where life is lived at home. I prefer to see a nice and clean and well-put-together place for better headspace.

Are you the same?

Easy Wall Art Project Kids Could Do

Finally, last month of last year, an idea lit up the dark landscape of my question mark. Why don't we make it? And so this easy wall art project came to be.

What You Need

  • Washable Paint (here). Get the classic colors in 10 pieces so you'll have more choices.
  • Paper (for practice)
  • Paper plate to pour in portions of the paint colors you'll be using. (You can also use paper or a plat surface to do this too.)
  • An empty box or trash bag (to protect your furniture or floor)
  • Paintbrush (here)
  • Watercolor Paper (here)

I suggest you use an artist paintbrush instead of the kid's paintbrush from Crayola. The former comes in different shapes and sizes, which help add interest to your project.

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How To

  • Protect your furniture or floor using an empty trash bag. This might not be needed since we are using washable paint. But mommy prefers not to do more cleaning. So I must do this for extra protection. Hopefully, the mess will keep within the boundary. (Crossing my fingers.)

  • Practice on a different piece of paper. We use bond papers. My 3-year-old and I did it many times together until I settled for a design that matches our interior theme. Our theme colors are grays, blues, and greens. To achieve the look I want, I mixed the hues mentioned with the color black. But of course, this depends on the finish-product you are aiming for.

  • Go abstract. It's the easiest design to do. Not only for you but also for your little one.

  • Obviously, your kid will strike the paintbrush in every direction. I let him to his heart's content. Later, I layered (not cover) what he did and stroke the paintbrush in one direction, in a slanting direction. See the white hues in the painting below? Do this to add structure. Apply the style you prefer. It appears nicer and systematic for the eyes. 

  • Allow time for your project to dry, clean up the rest, and then frame your work.

That's it! Super easy right? Below is our finished wall art project. If it happens we get tired of looking at it in the near future, then we could just make another one on a Saturday afternoon.

Easy Wall Art Project Kids Could Do

And this is how it enlivens our space.

Easy Wall Art Project Kids Could Do 
What other home projects do you think you can do with your kids on a Saturday afternoon?

Have fun then!

Easy Wall Art Project Kids Could Do