Why Scuba Diving Is Good for You

If you are considering going on holiday, the best way to spend your holiday would be to go scuba diving. Scuba diving is a fun activity that involves a total immersion into the deep waters to observe and enjoy life underwater. What most do not know is that scuba diving is beneficial to one’s health. 

There are various water regions where you can go scuba diving. One known island where divers like to frequent is the Komodo Island in Indonesia. Diving in Komodo Island can be very fulfilling, given that it is a very rich island in terms of marine life plus wildlife present in the Komodo National Reserve. The following are some of the benefits you gain from scuba diving.

Why Scuba Diving Is Good for You
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They include: 

  • Helps Burn Calories

Scuba diving is vital when it comes to weight loss. Diving is a form of exercise that anyone can use to shed body fat. Divers utilize great amounts of energy when scuba diving. The body's metabolism spikes when diving, causing the unnecessary fat accumulations in the body to melt or be converted into energy. As a result, scuba diving burns calories causing you to lose weight.

According to a scuba diving training association called Padi, a one-hour scuba dive can result in the melting of close to 600 calories, which is comparable to running for the same amount of time. That is amazing. Given that a scuba dive can last for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, and that most times, you will scuba dive at least two times per day, it makes it possible to cut down the excess weight.

  • Aids in Relieving Stress

Stress can take a toll on your health. It can result in other medical conditions such as blood pressure, and diabetes. Also, with stress, you can be buried in so many thoughts, which may cause you to get into depression. However, you can overcome any form of stress by involving yourself in scuba diving. Your mind gets diverted into the wonderful nature existing under the water.

Also, as you dive, you are alone, and the only thing that crosses your mind then is diving. It causes you to meditate upon your nature of breathing, buoyancy, and all that you are observing. Through that meditation, the stress vanishes and you come out of the water feeling relieved. 

  • Come Closer to Nature

The seas consist of extremely beautiful and opulent marine life. There are water plants and animals that make up the ocean or sea environment. They include various unique fishes and corals.

The variety of aquatic life is astonishing. The marine lives include whale sharks, beautiful parrotfishes, moray eels, plus butterflyfish. Also, there are stingrays plus turtles, which are almost consistent creatures to behold.

What is great about being close to the sea is that it has some immense health benefits, including stress relief. When close to marine life, you tend to forget about the outside world, and can only think about your environment at that moment, which is pure bliss. 

  • Enjoy Some Rays

Scuba diving also involves spending quite some time basking in the sun. There are regions across the world that experience cold weather, and miss out on the wonderful rays of the sun. Hence, most people go on scuba diving vacations to enjoy the sun’s rays.

Liveaboard divers enjoy basking in the sun as they can move to the exposed areas of the boat to bask after scuba diving. The rays are vital for the human body as they are a source of vitamin D and aid the skin in various ways.

However, you should be careful of the rays as some can be detrimental to your skin, as you may develop sunburns. Hence, to enjoy the sun to the maximum, without worrying about the detrimental impacts of the sun’s UV rays, you can equip yourself with effective environmentally friendly sunscreen, adorn a hat, plus minimize the time spent in direct contact with the sun. 

  • Widen Your Social Circle

Social interactions with fellow scuba divers are crucial. You meet a lot of people when you go diving. At the end of the day, you end up making new friends every time you go diving. As you interact, you get to learn more about your friends, share your experiences, and even your aspirations. Most times, such relationships last a lifetime through constant communication and meet up.


Scuba diving is essential in so many ways. It is a great way to enjoy your vacation and is always worth remembering. In addition to helping to burn calories, relieving stress, nature exposure, and increasing your social circle, diving enables you to enjoy the sun’s rays. Plan to go diving once in a while.

Why Scuba Diving Is Good for You